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Focus on X-rays: Advanced Concepts Course

Dental X-Ray Course Description:

This is a hands-on professional development course in Radiology, learning more in the Advanced Concepts of Dental X-rays.

Next Dental X-Ray Class:  Winter 2022 -  Check Back for Date and Time  

Check out our x-ray course photos and testimonials.

Whether you are a student of Weekend Dental Assistant School, a student who is planning on taking the national radiology board exam, or a dental assistant wanting to expand your personal knowledge, this Advanced Concepts Class will help. The proficiency in Radiology will be enhanced through more studies and hands-on participation in:

  • Radiology Equipment
  • Patient Positioning
  • Rinn XCP Paralleling Technique (Digital and Films)
  • Endodontic Holders
  • Easy-Grip Holders with Bisection Technique (Digital and Films)
  • Digital Sensors with various Digital Sensor Holding Techniques
  • Special challenges of Digital Sensor and Film Placement
  • Error Identification on Dental X-rays
  • Infection Control with Radiography, Occlusal X-rays, Panoramic X-rays, and Cephalometric X-rays
  • Recognizing Restorative Dentistry on Radiographs/Charting

This dental x-ray course is separate from our 10 Saturday dental assistant training program but is still just as convenient. It is a one-time, three-hour class with powerful lectures and hands-on instruction, educating students on everything you need to know about various digital and film x-rays, interpreting restorative dentistry on x-rays, and charting from x-rays. You will also have hands-on practice with digital dental sensors and x-ray film holding devices, giving you real experience and the confidence to succeed in your dental assistant career.

Contact our Wisconsin Dental Assistant School to register for our advanced X-ray training classes or for more information on course dates and cost.

We Offer Useful Knowledge on Advanced Concepts Beyond the Basics of Dental Radiology

It is imperative that a Dental Assistant take accurate x-rays with the ultimate patient comfort! Retakes must be minimized. Advanced Knowledge is needed to be the Best!

Our Dental Assistant School offers a class focused on the advanced concepts of X-rays. In our regular 10-week courses training students to become dental assistants, you are taught how to position, process, and mount dental film x-rays. This may be a typical standard for most dental assistant schools, but we also know when entering your career as a dental assistant, your dental office may use digital x-rays.

We pride ourselves on preparing our students to the best of our abilities in all tasks performed by dental assistants. Because of this, we have specifically designed a class, by student request, covering everything you need to know about dental film and digital x-rays, film and sensor holding devices, bisection and paralleling techniques, radiographic errors, and special challenges of film and sensor placement, ensuring our students are prepared for whatever their new careers throw at them. 

Prepare for your career as a dental assistant with our Advanced Concepts Course Focus on X-rays. Whether you are going to work for a general dentist, orthodontist, or pediatric or oral surgeon office, knowing the different techniques of dental film and digital x-rays will help you advance in your knowledge and career. Our instructors are experienced in the dental field and pride themselves on staying current with the knowledge crucial to the advancing dentistry industry. We created this Advanced Concepts Course to pass this knowledge along to aspiring and established dental assistants. Our course will also look great on your resume! 

If you are interested in our advanced x-ray course and are currently not a student, please contact our dental x-ray instructors to ensure you have the appropriate pre-requisite training.

Our X-Ray Course Testimonials

Iron Mountain Dental Assistant Student's X-Ray Course Testimonial
“I liked seeing all the different kinds of x-rays and the charting.” Torrie Iron Mountain, MI
Dental Assistant Student from Chilton, WI Found Our X-Ray Course to Be Very Informative
“The course was very informational and helped me develop a better understanding of x-rays.” Brittany Chilton, WI
Oshkosh Student Enjoyed Learning Different X-Ray Techniques at Weekend Dental Assistant School
“I enjoyed being able to practice other x-ray techniques such as having the patient hold with no film/sensor holder and the occlusal x-rays. It was also interesting to see the 3-D x-rays and l...
Fond Du Lac Student Learned Various Skills from Weekend Dental Assistant School's X-Ray Course
Positive things I got out of course. “Understanding of how to read a radiograph. Introduction to a cone beam. Hands-on charting. Practice taking x-rays.” Kelly Fond du Lac, WI
Watertown Student Enjoyed The Comprehensive X-Ray Course at Weekend Dental Assistant School
“I enjoyed learning about the cone beam. Seeing all the different images. Helping people in more ways is great – earlier detection! Learned a few things about sleep apnea.” Sara&n...
Informative Dental Radiology Course For Wisconsin Dental Assistants
"A positive thing I got out of the course was a more in depth understanding of x-rays and learning about different types." Amanda LWest Allis, WI
Advanced Concepts X-Ray Course For Wisconsin Dental Assistants
"I learned more extensive charting and a lot by looking at actual x-rays and recognizing  treatments. I thought  the cone beam 3D scan was very interesting  and eye opening." Amanda BM...
Focus on Xray: Advanced Concepts Course
"The positive things I got out of the Dental Radiology Course is I learned a lot of new things that I never would have learned if I had not choose to take the extra x-ray class. I really liked learnin...
Advanced Concepts Course Provides In-Depth Knowledge X-Ray Reading
“Gained knowledge of different types of x-rays, how to read x-rays, and different types of x-rays (cone)." Rachael - Neenah, WI Weekend Dental Assistant School’s Advanced Concepts Course...
Informative X-Ray Course for Wisconsin Dental Assistants
“Great class, learned a lot about x-rays. Wonderful instructors." Paula - Fond du Lac, WI Our dental x-ray course is separate from our 10 Saturday dental assistant training program. Offering a...
Michigan Dental Assistant Student Learns the Importance of Quality X-Rays
“I got out of the course the importance of taking good images. Taking a good image will result in less radiation and a happy doctor.” Cassie - Skanee, MI Our Advanced Concepts Course whi...
Neenah, WI Dental Assistant Found X-Ray Course to Be Informative
”I found the charting to be helpful. Forced you to really look and examine and understand how things look and how to chart and what a good x-ray looks like." Janice - Neenah, WI Weekend Dental...
X-Ray Course Testimonial from Madison Student
“What I got out of the course was the hands on x-ray techniques mostly is what I benefited from since I haven’t done x-rays in over a year!" Milana - Madison, WI Our dental x-ray course ...
Dental Radiology Classes Bring in Students from Kingsford, MI
“It was a great helpful class to see all the different types of x-rays. My favorite part was the charting. It was nice to get the extra hands-on help.” Raeanne – Kingsford, MI ...
Bayfield Dental X-Ray Technician Student Learns Cone Beam and Charting
“Cone Beam was awesome, and the charting helps me remember tooth numbers.” Deanna – Bayfield, WI Our digital and film dental x-ray classes expand on the skills learned in our Wisco...
West Bend Dental X-Ray Course Student Feels Confident Taking X-Rays
“I really enjoyed everything but especially learning about the #D Cone Beam Scan! It allowed me to get more comfortable with and improve my confidence with taking x-rays! Thanks!” Andrea ...
Appleton Dental X-rays Course Helps Students and Dental Assistants Expand Digital and Film Dental X-ray Knowledge
“It was really nice getting the extra practice and actually seeing the radiographs. We got to see what all the things we talk about in class on the radiographs.” The dental x-ray instruct...
Hands-On Dental X-Rays Course in Appleton Expands Student’s Education
”Very hands on. *The best part was looking at x-rays and charting! Also learning about different x-rays.” Stay on top of the latest dental imaging technology with the Advanced Concepts Co...
Digital X-ray Course from Weekend Dental Assistant School Provides Extensive Dental X-ray Knowledge to Students
“The positive things I got out of the course was a better understanding of x-ray reading and more bisecting technique for x-rays.” The Advanced Concepts Course Focus on X-Rays from WDAS t...
Wisconsin Dental Assisting School Provides Focus on X-rays: Advance Concepts Course
“I learned a lot from this course. It’s easier to know the difference between all of the different types of x-rays. All the little pointers on the angles were very helpful. I definitely fe...
Dental Assistant School near Green Bay Provides Additional Training on Dental X-rays
“Sam and Janet are awesome teachers! I learned about x-rays- so much to know about (decay and cavities) and overlapping. I’m glad I took this course. Thank you Sam and Janet!” Becom...
Appleton Dental Assistant School Offers Advanced Concepts Course to Extend Students Dental X-ray Knowledge
"It was a nice day to go over all the x-rays I really like that we got to look at them and chart them. This will really help me with my state test." Be ready on day one of your career as a dental ass...
Oshkosh Dental Assisting School Helps Students Advance Education With Course Focused on X-rays
"It was great to have more hands on and just be able to focus on x-rays. Course was very informative. It was great to be able to visibly read x-rays to understand the concept more." Build the skills ...
Green Bay Dental Assisting School Delivers Top Quality X-ray Education
“Very informative in teaching how to take x-rays with different problems  in your mouth.” Our dental x-ray instructors are industry professionals with years of practical experience. ...
Appleton Dental Assistant School Gives Students Well-Rounded Education on Film and Digital Dental X-rays
“The positive things I got out of the course was how hands on the class was. Loved that got in depth with the pictures and explaining. I liked how to do x-rays better! Always answered all questi...
Dental Assistant School near Green Bay Teaches Students How to Handle, Take, and Read Dental X-rays
“I’ve learned a lot more from this course how to look and read x-rays better. Also lining up the PID with the film. I feel like I understand taking and reading x-rays better. Thank you!&rd...
Fox River Valley Dental Assistant School Provides Digital Dental X-rays Course
“It reconfirmed the proper was to perform x-rays. The more hands-on learning took things to the next level of understanding and learning. I really enjoyed having the ability to chart with assist...
Green Bay Digital Dental X-rays Course Provides Additional Hands-on Training with X-rays
“I loved it. It was fun and time flew by. I loved charting and looking at everyone else’s on how different everyone’s is to mine. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.&...
Dental X-ray Class Offered by Dental Assistant School near Green Bay
“Sam and Janet are awesome teachers! I learned about x-rays- so much to know about (decay and cavities) and overlapping. I’m glad I took this course. Thank you Sam and Janet!”