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Fall Classes Start 9/7/2019 


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Appleton Dental Assistant School Gives Students Well-Rounded Education on Film and Digital Dental X-rays

“The positive things I got out of the course was how hands on the class was. Loved that got in depth with the pictures and explaining. I liked how to do x-rays better! Always answered all questions! Thanks! It’ll help me in my future.”

The dental x-ray instructors at WDAS will make you an expert in film and digital dental imaging in our Advanced Concepts Course Focus on X-Rays. Learn the best practices to ensure superior patient care and comfort, while becoming an indispensable resource in your office. Whether you plan to work in general dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry or oral surgery, having real world hands-on experience in dental imaging is crucial to your growth and advancement. The Advanced Concepts Course Focus on X-Rays is open to graduates of our 10-Saturday training program, as well as practicing dental associates looking to build valuable skills. 

To register for Advanced Concepts Courses, contact our Appleton Dental X-ray Course Instructors today.
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