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Fall Classes Start 9/7/2019 


No Fees & Payment Options Available! Call for more information. 

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Dental Assistant School near Green Bay Provides Additional Training on Dental X-rays

“Sam and Janet are awesome teachers! I learned about x-rays- so much to know about (decay and cavities) and overlapping. I’m glad I took this course. Thank you Sam and Janet!”

Become an expert in the latest dental imaging technologies. With the Advanced Concepts Course Focus on X-Rays from WDAS, we’ll give you the hands-on, real world training you need to grow and advance in your career. Whether you work in general dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry or oral surgery, knowing the latest, best practices in dental x-ray procedures is an invaluable skill. The Advanced Concepts Course Focus on X-Rays is available to students and graduates of our 10-Saturday training program, as well as practicing dental assistants who want to learn digital x-ray techniques from instructors who have years of professional dental experience. 

Contact our Green Bay Dental X-ray Course Instructors for more information about our Advances Concepts Courses.
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