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Fall Classes Start 9/7/2019 


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Oshkosh Dental Assisting School Helps Students Advance Education With Course Focused on X-rays

"It was great to have more hands on and just be able to focus on x-rays. Course was very informative. It was great to be able to visibly read x-rays to understand the concept more."

Build the skills you need to become an invaluable resource. The Advanced Concepts Course Focus on X-Rays at WDAS teaches our students everything they need to know about film and digital dental x-ray procedures. Nothing is more important than patient care and comfort, which means minimizing retakes by doing it the right way the first time, every time. Our dental x-ray instructors provide real world hands-on experience, teaching you bisecting and paralleling techniques, how to recognize radiographic errors, as well as how to interpret and chart both film and digital x-rays. 

Whether you graduated from our 10 Saturday training program or are a practicing dental assistant looking to build valuable skills, contact Weekend Dental Assistant School to register for our Advanced Concepts Courses.
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