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Fall Classes Start 9/7/2019 


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Green Bay Digital Dental X-rays Course Provides Additional Hands-on Training with X-rays

“I loved it. It was fun and time flew by. I loved charting and looking at everyone else’s on how different everyone’s is to mine. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.”

Stay ahead of the curve and build indispensable skills with the Advanced Concepts Course Focus on X-Rays from WDAS. Our dental x-ray instructors teach the latest and best practices in film and digital dental imaging, ensuring you will be fully prepared from day one in your new career as a dental assistant. Take x-rays with confidence after receiving hands-on experience taking, handling, and reading dental x-rays. Your patients will appreciate the superior care and comfort you provide as you minimize retakes and learn to recognize radiographic errors. 

For more information or to register for one of our Advanced Concepts Courses, contact our Green Bay Digital Dental X-ray Course Instructors today.
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