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7 Tips to Writing a Dental Assistant Cover Letter

Craft a Professional Cover Letter for Dental Assistant Jobs in Wisconsin

Dental Assistant Job InterviewsWriting cover letters can be stressful, especially for those without professional experience. Where do you even begin? For the students of Weekend Dental Assistant School, cover letters are the next step to starting your career at a dental clinic. A professionally crafted letter can be the difference between getting an interview and being turned down.

Follow these 7 tips from WDAS to get started creating the perfect cover letter!

1. Learn the Name of the Employer

Nothing impresses a potential employer more than taking initiative. Research the dental clinic you are applying at and learn who is likely to handle your cover letter and resume. Address your letter to them directly rather than using a bland “Dear Hiring Manager” or “To Whom It May Concern”. This will show you’re willing to go the extra mile even before you’ve listed all your skills and training.

2. Introduce Yourself

Your cover letter should represent who you are. While you don’t need a full autobiography, describe yourself as honestly as possible. Let the reader get an idea for your personality and see you as a person, rather than just a name on a piece of paper. If you are currently working in another career, mention why you are switching to a dental assistant.

3. Cover Training and Professional Experience

Without the right experience, your cover letter will likely wind up in the trash. The WDAS program prepares students to take the certification exam from the Dental Assistant National Board, giving them an advantage when applying for dental assistant positions across the state of Wisconsin.

After your introduction, list when and where you received your training and certification. Many dental clinics look for recent education courses to ensure you have a grasp on the latest techniques.

4. List Personal Accomplishments within the Dental Field

Anyone can say they have trained with dental X-rays or know everything about dental anatomy. Now is the time to prove it. Since our program teaches classes at a real dental office, you will have plenty of firsthand experience to mention in your cover letter. Describe the work you’ve done over your 10-week courses.

If you are particularly proud of an achievement, now is the time to mention it. Did you catch a detail on an X-ray no one else saw? Can you complete charts faster than anyone else in class? This is your opportunity to show off why you’re an asset to a dental clinic and not just another employee.

5. Explain How You Match the Dental Assistant Job Description

While sifting through countless cover letters, employers are looking for one thing: a qualified candidate they can count on. Prove you are that candidate by clearly answering their job posting. If they are looking for someone with experience using certain equipment, describe how you learned to use advanced film and digital X-ray technology at WDAS.

6. Describe Why Do You Want to Work at This Location

Dental clinics are all different. Some will focus on pediatric dentistry, others will be solely oral surgeons. Explain why you are applying for this particular clinic. What drew you to this location over all the others in Wisconsin?

This is another chance to show off your knowledge of the company. If you selected them because they have a great corporate culture, mention how you’ll fit right in!

7. Include Accurate Contact Information

It’s a horror story every job seeker dreads: discovering all of your cover letters have the wrong return address, phone number, or email account. Instead of receiving offers, you’re left with silence.

Before sending your cover letter, double check your contact information is 100% accurate. Read the information out loud if you have to. This is especially important if you’ve recently moved and might still be writing your old address out of habit.

Finally, make sure all of their contact information is correct. You don’t want to send your cover letter for Dental Clinic A to Dental Clinic B on accident.

Additional Information on Dental Assistant Job Interviews

Dental Assistant Interview in ProgressYour cover letter should be less than 1 page in length. There are some exceptions, especially if you have a lot of professional experience. If your letter gets too long, remember your resume will cover the specifics of your coursework and certifications.

Follow all instructions from the job posting. If they want cover letters and resumes submitted through a website, do not try to email them instead. Last, check for spelling and grammatical errors.

Once you send your cover letter, it’s time to prepare for the interview. WDAS mock interviews help our students best present themselves and feel comfortable during their interview, improving their chances of landing their dream job as a dental assistant.

Apply now in 3 minutes or contact WDAS for more information on becoming a dental assistant.
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