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Dental Assistant Education continues with ADAA

Dental Assisting School Supports American Dental Assistants Association

To achieve a great career and meaningful vocation, you will have to give yourself the tools to be the best in your field. Dental assistant training is the first step, and continuing your Wisconsin dental assistant education is imperative to building your knowledge and skill base throughout your career. Weekend Dental Assistant School gives you the opportunity to become a highly skilled, qualified dental professional. After you graduate from our program, you should consider joining the highly reputable American Dental Assistants Association to continue adding value to yourself in the dental industry throughout your career! 

Dental Assistant Education Continues with American Dental Assistants AssociationDental Assistant School Education Wisconsin

When you join the American Dental Assistants Association, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to be the best in your field. Dental assisting Appleton is a rapidly growing career field! It’s important to continually challenge yourself after leaving Green Bay dental assisting school. How else will you keep up with the newest information and materials?

Invest in yourself and your dental assistant career with the ADAA. Membership shows you are a leader and you value your vocation enough to make it into a career; this is outstanding to hiring offices in the dental profession. ADAA offers online courses, a magazine subscription with educational, investigative, and thought-provoking articles, and continual opportunities for growth in your dental assistant Wisconsin career. Some of these opportunities include conferences across the nation, and the benefits of a network of like-minded, driven professionals who share goals and objectives.

ADAA Offers Amazing Dental Assistant Career Benefits

The American Dental Assistants Association is committed to helping dental assistants across America achieve meaningful, lasting progress in their dental assistant careers. As a dental assistant joining the ADAA, you receive many benefits! First, you get immeasurable help forming the foundations of your career. Your online access to ADAA resources provides you with the ability to search top dental assistant Wisconsin positions with leading employers, create your dental assistant resume and post your resume for free, receive job alerts when you wish, have career tips and resources, and enjoy additional resources. 

Merging the Benefits for Your Life and Your Job: A Career

American Dental Assistants Association is not only for your professional life. As with any vocation, there is an important balance of the personal and the professional which make your job a career. $50,000 of professional liability insurance, $2,000 of accidental death or dismemberment insurance, and disability income plans are all available to you as a member of the American Dental Assistants Association. You receive discounts on continuing home study education courses, a subscription to the Dental Assistant Journal, many opportunities for free continuing dental assistant education, and you get the benefits of only moderate test grading fees. The ADAA even offers credit card programs for qualifiers. Additionally, reduced rates are always available for hotels and rental cars, and you’re guaranteed the best travel rates.

Contact Weekend Dental Assistant School Green Bay today, and get ready to enjoy your life and career as a certified dental assistant! 
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