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Applying for Dental Assistant Training and How to Know if Dental Assisting is the Right Career for You

Application Advice from Wisconsin’s Top Dental Assistant School

Applying for Dental Assistant Training Deciding on your future can be quite challenging. With so many career opportunities out there, determining the right one for you requires substantial thought. Whether you are just graduating high school or looking for a career change, exciting opportunities await you when you step into the world of dentistry. Those interested in dental care have a realm of opportunities and a bright future ahead of them. The need for dental work will always be in demand and will continue to grow and advance within our future. The dental industry withholds an exceedingly amount of job growth and networking connections. Beginning with dental office assistants, managers and dental assistants up to hygienists and dentists, a career within dental industry is very promising. While most students begin working in a general dentist office, many end up working alongside a specialty dentist.

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Specialty Dentists:

  • Orthodontist
  • Endodontist
  • Pediatric
  • Oral Surgeon

Career Change Idea for Anyone Looking for a Rewarding Job

Career Change Idea for Nurses and Teachers Whether it’s a lack of degree, afraid of a pay cut or not being able to find a new job at all, many Americans are unhappy with their current job and afraid to make a change. If your experience is limited, the thought of changing careers can be intimidating. Weekend Dental Assistant School is here to show you differently. 

Weekend Dental Assistant School promotes dental assisting for those who love helping people and seeking a career without the physical and mental demands most health fields require. Becoming a dental assistant allows you to work in the medical field, help patients stay healthy while enjoying a stress-free life.

Applying for Dentist Assistant School

Congratulations on making the decision to become a dental assistant! With the hardest part over, your next step is finding the right school and applying. Weekend Dental Assistant School wants to share how important your application is. An application will determine your future and whether or not dental assisting is right for you. It should come from your heart and depict the true reasons you chose this field.

Application from Kathryn, A Resident of Whitewater, WI

Weekend Dental Assistant School was beyond proud to accept Kathryn as a future student. Her application summary below is the motivation we yearn for and instill in each and every student on a regular basis.

"My personal goals for my Dental Assistant schooling is to work as hard as I possibly can and push myself to go above and beyond what any other student has done and achieved at WDAS. I am going to push myself to get all A's, and really engage in class discussions and field study. I feel as if WDAS school would be an absolutely perfect fit for me. My personal goals for after my schooling is to work in Pediatrics Dentistry or Oral Surgery. I also know this is exactly the right direction and school that I need to be able to be an outstanding citizen and start my Dental Assistant Career. I would be both honored and excited to be able to say that I am apart of such an amazing and unique school that is going to help me start my dream career."

 Why Choose Weekend Dental Assistant School

With our 10 Saturday dental assistant programs near Green Bay, you can keep working full time while you learn all the skills you need to get a job at a dentist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, or other dental office.

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