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Benefits Of Becoming A Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant School – Career And Stepping Stone

Wisconsin's Weekend Dental Assistant School BenefitsWhile most WDAS students are aware of their desire to become a dental assistant, there are many students unsure of the dentistry career they want to obtain, how much schooling they want to undergo or even if dentistry is the right field for them. Students often question the value of becoming a dental assistant before pursuing a hygienist or even a dentist career.

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Becoming a dental assistant is a great opportunity to get your feet wet and make sure the dental field is right for you. WDAS strongly encourages students to become a dental assistant first if they are interested in one day pursuing a hygienist position. Not only are you gaining knowledge you’ll use throughout your entire dentistry career, you’ll gain the necessary skillset in becoming a successful hygienist faster. Below are a few reasons why dental assistant school is the best option for your dental assistant or dentistry career.

Dental Assisting Offers Hands-On Experience

Receiving your dental assistant certification not only provides you with hands-on experience, performing the job of a dental assistant is experience many hygienists don’t have the opportunity to obtain. Working in a real office with real patients is experience you can’t learn from a textbook and, may help secure a job.

Working in the Dental Industry Contributes To Career Assurance

The dental assistant program is only 10 weeks long, so before you make a 2 year (+) commitment in a dental hygienist program, dental assistant schooling will help you make certain you’re in the right field.

Learning the Role BEFORE you actually take on the role means less training an employer will have to do. Dental assisting means you know the ins and outs of the hygienist role and what is to be expected of you. It also means you have the skillset to engage with patients, coworkers and dentists.  You’re essentially trained before you even start.

Dental Assistant Schooling Sets You Apart and Builds Your Resume

Aside from a professional dental assistant resume and cover letter, experience will ensure your resume gets noticed. With the numerous applicants dental offices receive, having hands-on experience in addition to your dental assistant certification, informs the right people of your perseverance, dedication and knowledge of the industry.

Building Industry Relationships Within Your Current Dental Assistant Role

Advancing your career and becoming a hygienist may require applying to a different dental office. Working as a dental assistant will provide you with the opportunity to work with other dental offices. Whether it's another office your dentist works for or an orthodontist or oral surgeon partner, you’ll gain the advantage of getting to know employees within the industry which could be the foot in the door you may need down the road.

Learn more about our dental assistant schooling and our course curriculum. In just 10 weeks, you will learn all the ins and outs of dental assisting. Divided among lecture and clinical, you’ll become vastly prepared for your new career as a dental assistant. WDAS even provides resourceful information on job placement to help assist with landing that dream job!

Benefits of Weekend Dental Assistant School

Not only are there endless benefits in becoming a dental assistant, there are unique benefits to attending WDAS. Located in Appleton, WI Weekend Dental Assistant School is convenient for Milwaukee, Oshkosh and Madison students. 

Don’t settle for less and come learn from the best! Contact Weekend Dental Assistant School of Appleton, WI today for more information.
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