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Tired of Working as a CNA? Become a Dental Assistant!

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School Provides Training for Making a Career Change

Some people become a CNA, and may even intend to become a nurse someday, before realizing it’s not the right job for them. They still want to work in the healthcare field but are looking for a different environment. Dental assisting is an excellent solution. You’ll work directly with patients and families to maintain and improve their oral health—and, in turn, their overall health.

If you’re thinking of going into a career as a certified nursing assistant or are a CNA looking for a new career, becoming a dental assistant offers the same satisfaction of working in healthcare and helping people while eliminating some of the common problems CNAs face.

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What Does a CNA do?

CNA Job Description

Certified nursing assistants work under an RN, LPN, or LVN. CNAs assist patients and residents in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, and other health care facilities. Their duties generally include helping to bathe, dress, position, and feed patients who can’t do it themselves, as well as assisting with toileting and oral care. CNAs may also measure vital signs, weight, and height. Training is difficult, the job is physically demanding, and caring for sick or dying patients can take a serious toll.

Dental Assistant Program Green BayThe duties of dental assistants are less physically demanding. They prepare the treatment room, instruments, and other equipment; perform x-rays; take impressions, and assist with various other responsibilities in the dental office. DAs may work with a general practice dentist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, pediatric dentist, cosmetic dentist, or another dental professional. Dental assistants enjoy patient interaction like CNAs without the physical strain.

CNA Requirements and Salary

A high school diploma or GED is required to become a CNA. CNAs can earn a salary between $7.00 and $20.00 per hour depending on their experience and where they work, but the most common wages are $10-12 per hour. Many CNAs work part time—a CNA working 30 hours a week earns around $15,000 to $19,000 per year.

Our dental assistant school students are also required to have a high school diploma or GED. As with a CNA, hours vary for a dental assistant. Most DAs earn about $33,000 a year.

CNA Training

CNA classes may require 3 weeks of full time classroom and clinical work or 8 weeks of part time training. After you complete your training, you must take an exam with a written portion and a clinical demonstration. The courses cover a wide variety of skills and information but not necessarily everything needed to work in a hospital. Many healthcare facilities have their own additional training or orientation.

Our 10 Saturday course allows you to continue working during the week. Each student gets personal attention and hands-on training from experienced instructors. A written exam and clinical evaluation determine your final grade. Although some dental offices require additional training, many dentists who hire our graduates are impressed by the knowledge and skills they’ve achieved through our course.

CNA Burnout and Other Problems

Between the long hours, the heavy workload, the low pay, and sometimes lack of respect, many CNAs find themselves experiencing job burnout. The stress of working as a CNA can lead to a lack of energy and motivation, irritability and impatience with coworkers and patients, changes in sleep quality and appetite, and even physical problems like headaches and back pain. Plus, working in any type of medical facility increases your likelihood of getting sick yourself.

Although helping hospital patients and nursing home residents with day-to-day care is an important and noble job, the cons outweigh the pros for many unsatisfied CNAs. They feel overworked from the difficult hours and double shifts. They’re emotionally exhausted from the high-pressure job of working with dying patients. They want to keep helping people but are looking for a different path.

That’s where our Wisconsin Dental Assistant School comes in. Say goodbye to the physical, mental, and emotional strain of working as a CNA and turn to a more rewarding—and better paid—career as a dental assistant.

Become a Dental Assistant in 10 Weeks at Green Bay Area Training School

A career as a dental assistant is an excellent alternative to that of a certified nursing assistant. Many CNAs enjoy the part of their job involving interacting with patients, helping people, and learning about the human body. As a dental assistant, you’ll be able to earn more money and work more reasonable hours while still helping people in a healthcare setting. Contact us for more information or apply now:

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School Application

Contact our Wisconsin Dental Assistant School to make a career change from CNA to Dental Assistant!
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