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It’s Never Too Late to Make a Career Change

Train for a New Career in Wisconsin in Just 10 Weeks!

Many people find themselves dissatisfied with their career after working hard at it for so many years. Whether you are unhappy in your current company, are losing interest in your job, or are simply not where you thought you’d be by now, a complete career change is a valid option. It can be a difficult decision to make. Choosing a new career is a daunting task, not to mention finding a job you’re qualified for in a new field.

At Weekend Dental Assistant School in Appleton, Wisconsin, we give you all the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to transition to a better career. Dental assistant jobs are projected to increase 25% from 2012-2022. Our 10-week Saturday classes allow you to continue working full time while training and learning the skills necessary to achieve a fulfilling job as a dental assistant. Graduates of our dental assistant training school near Green Bay are often hired within weeks of finishing the course. Just read a few of our dental assistant career successes to see how much our Wisconsin dental assistant programs help our students get jobs they love.

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How to Make a Midlife Career Change

Whether you’re 30, 40, or over 50, it’s never too late to make a career change. After working in one career for many years, many people feel the need to reassess and find something new. It may be because they don’t enjoy the work itself or the company they work for. And many of these people stay right where they are to avoid the potential risks of changing careers. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. The biggest risks can yield the biggest rewards. Take the time to think about what makes you happy in your personal life and in your current or past careers.

Become a Dental Assistant WisconsinOur dental assistant course near Green Bay is a great way to find out what a dental assistant career would feel like and decide if it is right for you. If you enjoy working with people, or if you someday want to become a dental hygienist or dentist, WDAS is the first step.

Planning for a Career Change

There are a lot of factors to consider when making a career change. First, think about what you’re passionate about, and research careers based on those interests. Then determine what skills you already have that can be transferred to a new career. For a major switch, transferable skills may not be obvious. However, skills in communication, leadership, and planning are useful in any career. When working on your résumé, make sure to highlight those abilities.

A job in a new field will most likely want you to have some kind of training and experience already. While dental assistant jobs in Wisconsin do not require special certification or requirements, training will put you ahead of the competition. That’s where we come in. At our Green Bay dental assistant school, you’ll learn dental anatomy, chairside assisting, and other skills to give you an advantage. The clinical portion of the course will also help you decide if you would really enjoy a career as a dental assistant – an important thing to learn before leaving your old career behind.

When changing careers or job hunting, networking is a valuable tool. By meeting people in the field where you want to work, you can learn a lot about specific businesses. The people you network with may let you know when jobs are available. At WDAS, you’ll be learning from real dental professionals, working on your résumé, and preparing for interviews to make you the best candidate for any job you apply for.

Career Change Mistakes to Avoid

A career change is a major life decision and is not something to jump into blindly. To ensure a successful career change, and to make sure it’s really what you want, follow these tips.

Don’t Choose a New Field without Serious Consideration

If you’re not content in your current field, make sure the new careers you’re thinking about will actually be better for you than what you have now. Changing from one poorly fitting career to another will not make you happier. With our dental assistant courses near Green Bay, you’ll get a feel for the job before jumping into anything.

Also resist the temptation to choose a field just because it’s booming right now or because it worked for someone else. Although talking to friends and family about their careers is a great way to learn about different fields and network, make sure to decide what you really want to do. What works for others won’t necessarily work for you.

Money Isn’t Everything

Although salary is certainly a consideration when looking for a new career opportunity, don’t make money the deciding factor. Stress and unhappiness at work is a huge problem for working adults, and a giant paycheck won’t make that go away.
When changing careers, you often have to settle for a lower salary at first while you gain experience. Don’t let this deter you from pursuing a career that will make you happy.

Career Changes Take Time

Between deciding what you want to do, finding job opportunities in that field, applying, and interviewing, it takes some people six months to a year to change careers. At our Green Bay area dental assistance program, it takes only 10 weeks to gain the knowledge and skills needed for your new job, and many of our students are hired as dental assistants within weeks of graduating.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School Provides Hands-On Skill Training for a New Career

Students from Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, and across Wisconsin choose our dental assisting classes to change careers or begin their first career. Our experienced instructors work with students to learn everything they need to know to begin a fulfilling, satisfying dental career.

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Located in Wisconsin? A dental assistant career could be waiting for you in:

  • Appleton
  • Green Bay
  • Oshkosh
  • Oconomowoc
  • Milwaukee
  • Waukesha
  • Madison
  • Fond du Lac
  • De Pere
  • Manitowoc
  • Eau Claire
  • Sheboygan
  • Sun Prairie
  • West Bend
  • La Crosse
  • Greenville
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