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Why Weekend Dental Assistant School Is Better Than A College Dental Assistant Program

Weekend Dental Assistant School offers a 10 week program which provides both a lecture and hands-on learning experience. The benefits of attending our program are many when compared to a technical college. Continue reading to learn why WDAS is best dental assistant program in Wisconsin!

Smaller Classrooms Bring Larger Benefits  

While there is conflicting evidence on smaller class sizes versus larger ones, Weekend Dental Assistant is a strong advocate of smaller ones. Based on experienced, offering dental assistant students the opportunity to learn in a smaller classroom setting improves student learning and engagement.

Hands-On Learning  Opportunities

Why Weekend Dental Assistant School Is Better Than A College Dental Assistant Program

In some classrooms, students are judged on a few widely spaced exams –and that’s it. Weekend Dental Assistant School’s program is designed around hands-on learning experiences giving students the chance to demonstrate their knowledge in ways that best fit their learning style. A students’ hands-on skills, interactive abilities and dedication to put a good effort into your work goes a long way at WDAS! 

Instructors with Real Experience Who Care

At Weekend Dental Assistant School you are not just a number. Our teaching staff takes the time to get to know each student’s skills, strengths, passions and learning styles offering extra attention and guidance every step of the way. With years of experience working in the industry, we have a lot of information to share and want to share it with you. 

Classmate Interaction

It’s been proven our students learn a lot from each person they sit next to. In our small classroom setting, you will get to know the people with whom you’ll be sharing a work environment and a world in the future. Small classes also give students the opportunity to speak up and be heard without feeling intimidated. Interactions at school can help you build self-confidence and public speaking skills among many other benefits.  Many of our students even become coworkers down the road working for the same dentist.  

Individualized Attention from Instructors 

The personalized attention you receive in a small classroom setting allows you to get individual critique, focus and feedback students need to strive.  Because your instructors are not trying to evaluate the work of hundreds of students, they can more effectively judge how you’re doing and communicate it directly to you. 

Custom Education

In our smaller class setting, we tend to measure the class, understand the learning styles of each student and think outside the box regarding lessons and labs. We understand every person is unique and so may their learning style. Weekend Dental Assistant School prides itself on giving students the attention and opportunities they deserve. One way we do this is by limiting our class sizes to offer students individualized attention and instruction. We’re as serious about your career training as you are. Whether you’re looking to change careers or just graduated high school, we are eager to help you get there. 

Flexible Schedule

In only 10 weeks, students will gain the knowledge they need to become a successful dental assistant. Classes are held every Saturday allowing students to continue their weekday jobs or care after their family. Oftentimes a technical college’s dental assisting program hold classes a few times a week making it difficult many adult students to attend. 

Career Preparation and Job Placement Assistance 

Weekend Dental Assistant School goes above and beyond what most technical colleges offer in terms of job placement services. A portion of Weekend Dental Assistant School’s program focuses on assisting students with finding a job post-graduation. This entails everything from resume writing guidance to the best interview tips.

Don’t Settle for Less… Come Learn with the Best! Contact Weekend Dental Assistant School of Appleton, WI today and get started building your career right now.
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