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Stevens Point Dental Assistant School Graduate Makes Friends, Family, and Instructors Proud

Make Your Dreams Come True, Become a Dental Assistant Today!

Stevens Point Dental Assistant SchoolThe instructors of Weekend Dental Assistant School have been proud graduation after graduation as their students receive their certificate of completion and leave our school ready for a new career as dental assistants. We could not be more proud of our graduates and the goals they accomplish on a daily basis. We are not the only ones proud of our graduates though. Everyday our students and graduates are leaving impressions on their family and friends. The impression that hard work pays off, the impression that you can really make your dreams come true, and the impression that having a reliable career you can be proud of is possible. One of our Steven Point Dental Assistant School graduates received a very heartfelt testimonial from their daughter, telling the world how proud she is of her mom. Read her testimonial below.

If you have been searching for meaning in life, a career you and your family will be proud of, or have the dream of becoming a dental assistant, all of these goals can be accomplished with the help of our Weekend Dental Assistant School instructors. Register for our dental assistant training program today, and after 10 weeks earn your own certificate of completion and join the many graduates on our job placement success roster.

“As your daughter this may be a little weird to say, but I am so unbelievably proud of you. You had a dream and you made that dream come true. I remember as a little kid you would talk about wanting to go back to school to be a dental assistant and you did it. Most people your age wouldn't think of going back to school and sitting in a classroom with people you have never seen before. Studying for those long tests and doing all of that homework again. But you did! You didn't only have a dream you had a goal, and even if your first week was overwhelming I know you will be great at it. Hell, my first week at Menards I wanted to cry. They told me to go do returns and I didn’t even know where the departments were. But everything you do in life takes practice no matter what it is. That’s why the saying goes “practice makes perfect”. You have overcome so many obstacles in life that others can’t even imagine going through. Some wouldn’t even want one of the obstacles you have had to pursue. But you are an amazing, strong and beautiful woman. You kicked life’s butt. And are continuing to do so. Not only are you starting a brand new career, but you still have your own struggles on a day to day basis. Also, I wanted you to know that you are an amazing mom. I hope that when I have children of my own, I am half the mom that you have been to me and Danny. I would never trade you for anyone in the world. I love you with all of my heart, mom.” Kaylah, Bernice C’s daughter.

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