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Comprehensive Dental Assistant Job Duties and Multitasking

A good candidate for Weekend Dental Assistant School should possess a number of qualities to help excel in the classroom and in the dental field. These characteristics include good communication skills, a helpful attitude, a ‘what’s next’ mentality, strong organizational skills, team player, ability to follow meticulous directions, a quest for new knowledge through continued education, flexibility, work ethic, awareness of time and being on time, good hand eye coordination, a strong desire to work hard in the dentistry field and most important multitasking. These skills will help you succeed at Weekend Dental Assistant School, and throughout your future career as a dental assistant.

Chairside Dental Assistant Multitasking

Every day in the life of a dental assistant is always different than the day before. Each day will involve performing a variety of tasks, juggling between patient care, assisting dentists with procedures and more. The tasks asked of you will keep you on your toes, keep you thinking and challenge you day to day. There is never a monotonous moment in the career of a dental assistant. 

The practical lab experience and classroom lessons you’ll gain at Weekend Dental Assistant School will be utilized on a daily basis. The expertise you’ll use in the field of dental assisting include seating patients, ligating arch wires, temporary fillings, taking dental radiographs (bitewings for cavits detection, periapicals for full mouth series, and panoramic), instrument passing with 4 handed dentistry assisting the dentist, handling the needle and syringe, suction and tissue retraction, disinfection and sterilization procedures, helping in the front office and so much more!

Prepare with Weekend Dental Assistant School

Our school will provide you with the practical experience needed to enter the dental assistant field. The hands on clinical labs at Weekend Dental Assistant School will allow you to apply for positions requiring experience and give you the upper hand to those with no knowledge or training in the field. Graduation from Weekend Dental Assistant School will make your resume stand out among the competition and open many doors for your career. You will graduate with the confidence and experience needed to secure a stimulating and exciting career in dental assisting.

Become a Dental Assistant in Just 10 Saturdays

Weekend Dental Assistant School will train you for a successful dental assistant career in just 10 Saturdays. Our comprehensive program, involving classroom education and hands on labs, will have you ready to apply for positions in less than three months.

Our school has a 100% student satisfaction rate. Graduates of Weekend Dental Assistant School have the experience needed to feel confident, impress employers and have consistently gained employment in the dental assistant field shortly after graduation. Read our dental assisting school success stories and find out for yourself why weekend dental assistant is the perfect career choice for you.

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