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Dental Assisting School Opens Doors for your Career

Begin your Career in Dental Assisting Wisconsin

Weekend Dental Assisting School is the perfect gateway to a career you’ll love. We say this with certainty, because if you are a driven individual who enjoys challenges and variety in the workplace, you can find any number of great jobs as a qualified professional in the dental industry. If you love dental assisting, you’re among over 296,000 professionals who have found success with their dental assistant education (the latest specs are from 2011, and the field has grown exponentially since then). If your passion for helping people, reaching new heights, and taking on a diversified role widens your interest to include many facets of dental assisting Wisconsin needs, you can advance even further in your field and career. Having a dental assistant education from Weekend Dental Assistant School helps you achieve these goals. With your certificate of completion, you have many career options with many different focuses.

Steps to take: It starts with Dental Assisting School

Before you enter the field, or if you’re looking to make progress with your long term dental assistant career goals, you should attend Weekend Dental Assistant School's 10 Saturday program. This opens up many doors, and gives you multiple benefits in your field! It even gives you an edge in the hiring process, because your course completion certificate is a message to dental offices. It gains you recognition as a committed worker, and establishes you as a driven professional who wants to achieve. 

When you have gained experience in the field and with your Wisconsin dental assistant training, you may find you want to go further. You could pursue your education as a dental hygienist, which gets you more job flexibility and generally better hours and salary. As a dental hygienist, you perform duties like cleaning patients’ teeth and advising them on dental health. With a firm foundation as a Wisconsin dental assistant, you can even pursue your career as a dentist. Everything takes a personal drive to achieve, but always remember, with the right foundation you’re in charge of your career path.

Dental Assisting Training Prepares you for Non-Chairside Jobs 

With your Green Bay dental assistant training, you become a valuable asset to businesses in more ways than one! In addition to pursuing the laboratory and surgical side of dental assisting education, you can shift your focus from chairside pursuits to another focus. Many Wisconsin dental assistants make excellent office managers. Office managers need to be able to schedule and confirm appointments, receive patients, keep treatment records, send bills and receive payments, and order supplies and materials. Most importantly, office managers need to manage staff and the flow of the office, which is their greatest responsibility. 

With your Green Bay dental assistant education from Weekend Dental Assistant School, you also have options outside of a dental office. You can work for a good salary with insurance companies processing dental claims, or become a dental product sales rep. If you enjoy helping other people reach their goals, you might consider becoming an educator. Teaching is an excellent way to help people while sharing your experiences! You can work with vocational schools, technical institutes, community colleges, dental schools, and universities. Often teaching requires some additional schooling, and makes for an intensely rewarding job experience.

Dental Assisting Career Advantages

There are wide-ranging benefits to a career founded in your Green Bay dental assistant training! As a dental assistant, your job includes responsibilities with variety of rewarding challenges. You have great job flexibility; Wisconsin dental assistants enjoy full and part-time jobs which enables them to pursue many life interests. Dental assistants have excellent work conditions. Dental offices are pleasant, interesting, people-oriented environments. Most of all, dental assistants get the personal satisfaction of helping people one-on-one every day. No matter where you go in the industry, you get the daily satisfaction of knowing you made a difference! Pursue your career, and no matter where your ambition takes you, the dental assistant education you receive from WDAS will help you achieve your goals.

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