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Dental X-Ray Certification Classes near Green Bay, Wisconsin

Radiology and Radiography Courses for Wisconsin Dental Assistants

Learn more than just the basic dental radiography techniques with our one-time, 3-hour dental x-ray course. While our 10-week Wisconsin dental assistant classes provide basic training to perform digital and film x-rays, this professional development workshop provides additional skills to boost your résumé.

In Wisconsin, all dental assistants can take and develop dental x-rays (radiographs) without any special certification or license. Although some dental offices may train you on the job, having in-depth radiology experience on your résumé puts you ahead of the competition.

Contact us to sign up for our next dental x-ray class, or apply online for our dental assistant course near Green Bay.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School Application

Wisconsin Dental Radiology and Radiography Course

Dental Radiology and Radiography Certification AppletonWhether you’re a Wisconsin dental assistant school student, a dental assistant looking for further education, or a student preparing for the national radiology board exam, our Advanced Concepts dental x-ray course offers hands-on experience taking, interpreting, and charting from digital and film x-rays.

After completing this dental radiography course, you’ll be able to include the following skills and knowledge on your résumé:

  • Patient Positioning
  • Radiology Equipment
  • Rinn XCP Paralleling Technique (Digital and Films)
  • Special Challenges of Digital Sensor and Film Placement
  • Endodontic Holders
  • Easy-Grip Holders with Bisection Technique (Digital and Films)
  • Digital Sensor Holding Techniques
  • Error Identification on Dental X-Rays
  • Recognizing Restorative Dentistry on Radiographs and Charting
  • Infection Control with Radiography, Occlusal X-Rays, Panoramic X-Rays, and Cephalometric X-Rays

Although no certification is needed to perform dental x-rays, having the training and skills looks great on a résumé and gives you confidence in your abilities. Contact us for more information or to register for the next Focus on X-Rays Advanced Concepts Course.

Dental Assistant School Wisconsin Dentists Love

Not only do our students love the 10-week dental assistant classes and 3-hour dental x-ray courses (just read a few of our dental assistant school reviews), dental offices love being able to hire dental assistants who are already trained. See what Julie from Dental Wellness Center in Green Bay had to say:

“Sincere thanks for the student training you are providing the dental community in the Fox Valley area! I am always confident that any graduate will have a good knowledge, hands on experience and understanding of the fascinating area of dentistry. Graduates of your training school always have an advantage in terms of getting an interview and potentially being hired by the Dental Wellness Center. Continued success and well done on your excellent facility! You and your school have really filled a need that exists in the Fox Valley. We sincerely appreciate your efforts!”

As a dental assistant, you can work for a dentist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, or other dental professional. Get in touch for more information and to get started toward your new career!

Contact the dental assistant training school Wisconsin dental offices trust to produce skilled professionals.
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