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How To Care For Your Teeth During The Holidays

Treat Yourself But Always Clean Yourself

’Tis the season for decorating your home, shopping, spending quality time with friends and family, baking and snacking on holiday treats and even traveling for some.

During this time of year, despite best intentions, it’s not always easy (and completely normal) to violate the recommended guidelines for keeping your teeth in great shape. Even though dental assistants are experts when it comes to keeping a clean mouth, they also live busy lives during the holidays. Continue reading to learn some very practical approaches to keeping your teeth healthy while facing holiday temptation.

Be Prepared on the Go

It's extremely important you never forget to floss between teeth as recommended, especially when your diet consists of mostly sweets. We know sometimes this can slip your mind during the busy holiday season. There are however, simple solutions to help maintain a healthy mouth this year. Carrying a spare travel toothbrush and floss in your purse or car will help keep your teeth clean when on the go or at a relative’s house for an extended period of time.  Having a backup toothbrush can also prevent embarrassing moments caused by stubborn food particles stuck between teeth. A quick visit to the restroom will leave your mouth clean, fresh and ready for an evening filled with conversations. 

Indulge in Sweet Treats

Holiday Dental Care Tips

Around the holidays cavity friendly treats like cookies, candy and sweet beverages are far too irresistible. Starting around Halloween, sugar seems to be everywhere continuing on through Thanksgiving, Christmas and usually ending with a New Years' resolution.

While it's definitely alright to let yourself indulge and reach for those sugary treats, it's important to keep your trusty travel toothbrush or sugarless gum on hand. 

We know on occasion, and especially during special occasions, acidic beverages are everywhere. These type of beverages should be sipped through a straw to minimize exposing your teeth to acidic liquid. Water is also among the best beverage choice when it comes to your oral health. If the occasional carbonated beverage, cup of hot chocolate or glass of red wine call to you be sure you follow with a glass of water. 

Say Cheese With a Sparkle

These days, teeth whitening is popular. But for patients with sensitive teeth, gum disease or enamel erosion, teeth whitening can be discouraged. Dental assistants know that for others without these oral health concerns, whitening can safely lighten the color of teeth. (As long as the stains are on the surface.) There are many over-the-counter home tooth whitening kits available in addition to many professional whitening options available. If you are interested in whitening your teeth, talk with your dentist about the right choice for you.  

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