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Career Tips from a Dental Assistant

Learn How to Make The Most of Your Profession

Be a Proactive Dental Assistant

Learn How to Be a Successful Dental Assistant In a dental office, regardless if it’s a busy day or not there is always something to do. Rather than standing around waiting to be told what to do, take a look around and observe what needs to be done. Whether it is straightening the waiting room, taking inventory of office supplies or equipment and restocking low items, or asking coworkers if they need assistance with anything will not only benefit your office and team, proactiveness will be noticed by others

Be a Respectable Listener and Communicator

Dental assistants are expected to assist others. In doing so, a dental assistant needs to be an exceptional listener. When the dentist or hygienist asks you to do something, be sure to listen carefully, think it through and ask every question you have. If needed, be sure to write any notes down to help you remember. It’s better to ask questions than to make a guess and incorrectly perform a task.

Respectable communication is the key to so many things especially when working with patients.  Dental assistants need to communicate clearly in many aspects of their job. Communicating with patients about good dental hygiene is a key role of the dental assistant. Dental assistants also need to communicate with dentists and hygienists before, during and after a procedure to ensure the highest level of safety. Handling a variety of office matters and working with insurance companies also requires dental assistants to have a higher level of communicational skills.

Keep Organized During Procedures

Many dental assistants are expected to sit chairside and assist the dentist during dental procedures. In doing so, there can be multiple changes of instruments and a variety of tasks which may need to be done at the same time.

When the procedure begins, be attentive and try to anticipate what the dentist might need next. Stay organized so you know where every instrument is when you need it. Try to remain calm during the entire procedure to help ensure a smooth procedure and to keep patients calm as well. It’s important to remember, with every procedure comes practice and practice makes perfect! 

Stay Up-To-Date with New Procedures, Skills and Technology

Whether it’s new equipment or protocols, dentistry is constantly evolving.  It’s highly beneficial for dental assistants to attend continuing education classes whenever the opportunity occurs. Keeping up with the new trends in dental technologies as well as new office technologies will only improve a dental assistant’s skillset. Willing to learn and improve your proficiencies is a very admirable trait to have as an employee and will benefit you professionally and mentally.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Helping contribute to a pleasant work place can be easily done when a positive attitude is portrayed.  By avoiding complaining and maintaining a can-do attitude at all times will help maintain positivity at all times. Being approachable and friendly will help you become a valued part of the dental team.

We hope our career tips will help develop the strong traits you need to be a successful dental assistant. A dental assistant’s job is critical to the operations of every dental office therefore it’s important to remember you are valuable asset to any dental office. Be proud of your career!

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