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Is Dental Assistant School Worth It?

The Facts on Why Dental Assisting is A Great Career Choice

Yes! There are many different reasons why dental assisting is a great career choice. Let Weekend Dental Assistant School enlighten you on why Dental Assistant school is worth it. 

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Dental Assistants find their Career to Be Very Rewarding

Dental Assisting is a Rewarding Career

Many young professionals or those seeking a new career often desire a career where they can work with people, help others and make a difference in someone’s life. Dental Assisting will do all three and is a highly self-rewarding career. 

A Dental Assistant Career offers Growth Opportunity

Dental assisting is not a dead-end career. There are several sought after positions dental assistants often transition into.  Many DA’s become involved with insurance claims processing, teaching, or even become dental product sales representatives. In fact, many of the teachers at Weekend Dental Assistant School were or are dental assistants. Not only do dental assistants have lots of room to grow within their career, there are a variety of specialty offices they find themselves advancing with.

  • Oral Surgery
  • Orthodontics
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Pediatric

Learn the Facts About Dental Assisting

The DANB (Dental Assistant National Board) reported this month that there is an 18% expected increase in Dental Assistant jobs by 2024.

To 5 Top Professional Benefits of Being a Dental Assistant:

  • Paid Vacation 85%
  • Paid Holidays 84%
  • Retirement Plan 67%
  • Paid Sick Leave 55%
  • Free Dental Care 54%

Dental Assistant Job Outlook Wisconsin

Dental Assistant Job Outlooks in Wisconsin

If you are from the area and are looking to become a dental assistant, Wisconsin is a great place to do so. Within Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee alone, the job outlook for a dental assistant is very rewarding. Learn more about the job outlook in Wisconsin for dental assistants now!


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