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Is Dental Assisting Right For Me?

7 Reasons Why You Should Become A Dental Assistant

1. Flexible

Find Out If Dental Assisting Is Right For You

A Dental Assistant career provides flexibility. While most dentist offices offer both part-time and full-time employment, dental assistants typically work regular 1st shift, office hours with holidays and weekends off. Dental assisting is often a great career for those with children and families.

2. Realistic Training

The thought of going to school or going back to school can be overwhelming for many. Most students assume working while going to school is unrealistic. Weekend Dental Assistant School understands the need for a flexible, convenient dental assistant program and started their Saturday program. WDAS allows for students to continue working while attending dental assistant school.

3. Rewarding

Dental Assisting is not only self-rewarding, it’s monetarily rewarding. With career advancement opportunities available, dental assistants can not only continue to grow their salary, they have the opportunity to grow their career. Dental assisting is a great stepping stone into the world of dentistry. Whether you one day hope to become a dentist or hygienist, dental assistants gain valuable experience in their field.

4. Low Stress

Dental Assisting is a low stress career with good work-life balance. Being able to spend weekends with family or friends is often a leading reason why students choose dental assistant school.

5. Job Outlook is Promising

Dental Assistants are always in high demand. According to the 2008-2018 Wisconsin Employment Projection Report, Dental Assisting is among the list of 30 occupations most in-demand in Wisconsin. With a 2.1% annual growth rate, 240 Dental Assistant job openings are projected in a year.

6. Exciting Never Boring

Working as a Dental Assistant, you’ll never experience boredom. With the opportunity to meet new people all the time, every day will bring new conversations and new faces. While your job responsibilities may remain the same from day-to-day, your daily experiences will be different and filled with excitement.

7. Clean Work Environment

A dentist office is one of the cleanliest work environments next to a hospital. Equipment and tools are sanitized with each use. Dentists, Hygienists and Dental Assistants are all professionally trained on proper handwashing and other cleanliness techniques which will not only maintain a clean environment they ensure the safety of patients and employees.

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