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Pros and Cons of Being a Dental Assistant

A Rewarding Job Opportunity with No Degree Required

Dental Assistant Requires No DegreeMaking the decision to change careers is a big deal and it can sometimes take a while to determine the one right for you. With the number of options out there it’s important to take your time and weigh the pros and cons of any new career you’re considering. If you are looking for a new career and do not have a degree your search should begin here at Weekend Dental Assistant School.

With the endless amount of opportunities available, dental assisting is a great field to pursue and should be top of your list. Dental assisting is a rewarding, flexible, affordable and does not require a degree. While some states do require dental assistants to be certified, Wisconsin does not.

Working within the dental industry can almost guarantee you a job for life and there aren’t many jobs capable of offering this level of security. If the idea of working as a dental assistant interests you, continue reading to learn about the amazing pros (and few cons) of dental assisting. If you care about helping others, are a people person and respect oral hygiene, dental assisting could be the ideal job for you.

Variety of Daily Responsibilities 

Dental assistants perform a range of different tasks from directly assisting dentists to welcoming patients. Working as a dental assistant, your job will involve taking customers to the examination rooms and getting them situated and comfortable as well as going through medical records with them.

Cleaning dental equipment and tools before and after patient use is one of the main responsibilities of a dental assistant. Dental assistants may also be expected to assist dentists during examinations and procedures, while helping to maintain patient records. The roles of a dental assistant may vary from office to office, particularly if you work for a specialty dentist like orthodontic or pediatric. 

Stress Free Work Environment

Pros of Becoming a Dental Assistant

As a dental assistant, you will most likely work in a private dental office. Dental offices typically are a calm and professional environment offering an enjoyable place to spend time in as opposed to a fast-paced and stressful career like a CNA. If you choose a specialty office like a pediatric dental office, your day could be filled with the joy of working with children.

Flexible Schedule 

Dental assistants have the opportunity to work flexibly. The position commonly allows for full-time roles, along with part-time opportunities.

Typical dental offices are only open Monday through Friday with weekend and holidays off. While some offices might be open Saturdays, hours are usually limited. You can enjoy most nights and weekends off.

Affordable, Convenient & Fast Training

At many dental clinics and practices, dental assistants are not required to hold a college degree. Instead, all you need is a high school and some training. While on-the-job training is usually offered, it is preferred for dental assistants to have training from an accredited school prior to hiring.

Training is convenient, quick and affordable when completed at Weekend Dental Assistant School. Class sessions are offered 3 times a year (winter/spring/fall) and are held every Saturday for 10 consecutive weeks. Offering weekly training has allowed students to continue working and/or caring for their family while training for a new career.

Training to be a dental assistant is highly achievable which is what makes becoming a dental assistant career ideal for anyone experiencing a lifestyle change or trying to balance work and family. Learn about Weekend Dental Assistant School’s tuition costs and course curriculum now. 

Promising Career Advancement Opportunities

For many people, one of the best things about choosing to work as a dental assistant is the amazing career advancement opportunities which come with the role.

While working as a dental assistant can be a lifelong career, many people use the role as a stepping stone towards where they want to be. After spending a couple of years as a dental assistant, many undergo further training and become a hygienist which could potentially double your annual income.

Good Income Potential

The amount you can expect to earn as a dental assistant varies depending on your location, the clinic you work at and the hours you work. Regardless of these factors, the basic annual income potential of a dental assistant is respectable.

There is also the potential to increase your income as you become more experienced or take on additional roles. The longer you work as a dental assistant and the more experience you gain, the more likely you are to get a pay rise.

Network Advantages

A major benefit of working as a dental assistant, is having the opportunity to meet and work with many different people! From patients to other dental assistants and medical professionals, you will have plenty networking opportunities which can be personally and professionally beneficial.

If the idea of becoming a dental assistant appeals to you, contact Weekend Dental Assistant School today to learn everything we have to offer. From course schedules to our school curriculum, get informed on how to change your career and become a dental assistant.

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