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Looking for a Secure, Non-Hospitality Job? Become a Dental Assistant!

Non-Hospitality CareerIt’s a crazy time right now and a disastrous time for the many employees who are without a job. Whether they work in the hospitality industry or within a non-essential retail store, many businesses were forced to shut down leaving employees without work. Entire lives were turned upside down when Wisconsin was instructed to stay at home.

If you are a server, bartender, event planner or any other type of hospitality employee, you may be considering switching your career….and that’s ok! Weekend Dental Assistant is here to inform you of a dental assistant career and the many benefits it has.

What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

A dental assistant helps a dentist perform his/her job safely and more efficiently all while helping to keep patients comfortable. As a dental assistant, you will perform a number of tasks to help with your patient’s complete visit. While a dental assistant’s responsibilities may vary per office they typically include the following tasks:

  • Great and prepare patients for treatment while ensuring optimal comfort levels
  • Obtain current dental records and update existing records
  • Take dental x-rays
  • Take Impressions and perform lab work
  • Set up and organize instruments
  • Assist the dentist in patient treatment by efficient instrument passing
  • Patient education and instructions per dentist’s recommendations
  • Disinfection and sterilization of rooms, equipment and instruments
  • Equipment care and cleanliness
  • Administrative work 

Why Dental Assisting?

Dental assisting is a fantastic career to start when starting over! With an affordable, quick training program you could be working for a dentist in under 10 weeks. Weekend Dental Assistant School located in Appleton, WI offers a 10 week training program held on Saturday mornings. This flexible training program allows students to continue working during the week if need be.

 Benefits of Becoming a Dental Assistant:

  • Job security 
  • Paid time off 
  • Holidays and weekends off 
  • Affordable, flexible and efficient training (when completed at Weekend Dental Assistant School)
  • Career advancement opportunities

Health Benefits

Often times, (unless you are a full-time employee) restaurants and bars do not offer health insurance leaving employees to go without. Employees are then forced to pay out-of-pocket which can be a huge financial burden for many. Many employees may even choose to avoid or ignore health issues because they simply cannot afford care. Usually, many health issues can be avoided when the right preventative health care measures are taken. Those who have once experienced similar situations may seek out companies which do offer health insurance versus those which do not.

Fortunately, the healthcare and dental industry is a secure path to take when it comes to careers and their security and health benefits.

Becoming a Dental Assistant

If we’ve sold you on the idea of switching careers and becoming a dental assistant, you are exactly where you need to be. Take some time and browse or very informative website. From listening to our student’s job placement success stories, viewing our unique graduation celebration images or learning about our course curriculum, everything you need to know about becoming a dental assistant is available to you. If you have further questions, contact our school today.

If you’re ready to make the switch, apply for our 10 week program online today for a brighter, more secure future!

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