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Online Dental Assistant Programs and Everything You Need to Know

Is Hands-On Training Necessary in Becoming a Successful Dental Assistant?

Online Dental Training for Dental AssistantsThe answer is yes! Hands-on training is crucial to a dental assistant’s success. While online training for many different careers is a flexible option, dental assistant training is different. Dental assistant training involves the physically learning of the many responsibilities dental assistants perform on a day-to-day basis. Certain tasks do require students to take the time to learn how to perform the job safely and correctly.

Clinical Training Helps Students Become Comfortable with Dentistry Equipment

From instrument passing to how to use a matrix band, your dental assistant clinical training is prudent. Given the ability to use industry tools in the correct way on real people will make your training and skillet significantly superior than just reading about it online.

Resume Builder

While dental offices do hire employees with online dental assistant training, most employers prefer their dental assistants to have the hands-on training necessary to learn basic fundamentals of a dental assistant’s responsibilities. 

CPR Training is Essential for Dental Assistants

Although a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification is not required in becoming a dental assistant in the state of Wisconsin, it is often preferred by dental employers more so than not. In any medical field, you want to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Weekend Dental Assistant School offers CPR Certification courses to help current students, past graduates and practicing dental assistants keep up-to-date with their CPR Certification and stay prepared for any situation which may arise. CPR Certifications last 2 years and are usually not available as an online option.

WDAS’s 10 Week Dental Assistant Training Program At A Glance

  1. Flexible Schedule – Classes are offered consecutively every Saturday morning for just 10 weeks allowing students to continue working full-time while training.
  2. Payment Options Available – If the course tuition is holding you back from applying, contact us today to learn about our payment options.
  3. Job Placement Assistance – Receive resume and cover letter support and even referalls for potential dental assistant employment.
  4. Hands-On and Clinical Training – Learn how to use dental equipment while training on real people.
  5. Added Job Specific Training – Receive the opportunity to learn advanced x-ray training along with becoming CPR certified (both resume builders).

If you are considering an online dental assistant course, consider contacting Weekend Dental Assistant School prior to. We’d be happy to discuss in detail everything our program has to offer.

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