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Weekend Dental Assistant School is Beneficial for Pre Dental Students

Gain a Clinical Foundation Above the Rest

Weekend Dental Assistant School is not only a great program for dental assistants, overtime it has become a great learning experience and resume builder for pre dental students.

Benefits Of Dental Assisting Programs For Dental Students

For those pursuing dental school, WDAS advises aspiring dentists to take additional courses like dental assistant programs while earning a bachelor's degree to gain a unique and well-rounded education. Dental assisting school offers a great opportunity for students who are still undecided about becoming a dentist –helping you decide before. Below are some additional benefits to completing a pre-dentistry course.

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Make Certain Dentistry is Right For You

Given the opportunity to learn more about the demands of the job, and opportunities within the field of dentistry is extremely beneficial. Dentists do a lot more than exam teeth and fill cavities; they are constantly advancing their knowledge to ensure they are providing the most up-to-date dental care. Learning new techniques and treatment plans are sure ways to do so. There are also various specialty areas ranging from pediatric to oral surgery and several specialties you may not even know existed, like oral maxillofacial radiology.

Better Prepare for Dental School

There’s a lot of work which goes into becoming a dentist. Through four years of dental school, you’ll learn the mechanics of dentistry in addition to working with patients. Learning to interact properly with patients and letting them feel comfortable is a large aspect of the job. While students are not allowed to treat patients, they can learn how to deal with different situations and communicate effectively with patients.

Patients can seek help from a dentist for various reasons: from annual cleanings to improving oral health. Regardless of the particular procedure needed, all patients should have a dentist they can trust and communicate openly with. Watching dentists interact with patients can be extremely beneficial when a student gets to the point of working in a dental clinic during dental school. Learning how to build rapport with patients is a skill that will apply to all dentists in their future practice.

While pre-dentistry schooling may vary from school to school, there are many programs providing students with the chance to become immersed in cases and treatment plans involving a wide range or procedures.

Enhance Your Dental School Application 

Dental school admissions panels take several factors into consideration when selecting candidates. In addition to your grades and DAT score, schools also consider internships, volunteer work and additional training or school outside of the norm. Completing a pre-dental program shows an enthusiasm for the profession and a commitment to becoming a dentist. Anything you can do that makes you stand out from all the other applicants in a positive way is helpful and Weekend Dental Assistant School will help you do so! 

Promote Personal Growth

Not only does a pre-dentistry training enhance a student’s knowledge of the dental profession, it provides a chance to meet other students interested in the same career while gaining a network. It’s an opportunity to build friendships and possibly meet people which may help your career down the road. Any type of pre-dental training is not only beneficial on a professional level, but it also allows for personal growth.

Why Weekend Dental Assistant School 

Weekend Dental Assistant School is conveniently located in Appleton, WI and offers a 10 week Saturday training program. During this time, you will learn the fundamentals of dentistry in addition to learning how to become a dental assistant.  Our program is divided into both lecture and hands-on training with the opportunity to learn with real equipment during clinicals. Students are also given the opportunity to take our Advanced X-Ray Course and CPR Training. In just 10 short weeks you can learn while continuing on without interrupting your everyday life. 

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