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Landing Your Wisconsin Dental Assisting Career

Choosing a career in dental assisting will give you the rewards you need for a fulfilling professional future. Making sure you find the correct place to work is important and first impressions are everything. Here are some guidelines on finding the right job for you and tips on interviewing for landing your dream career in dental assisting in Wisconsin.

How to Find Dental Assisting Jobs in WisconsinDental Hygienist Careers in Wisconsin

Online Employment Opportunities after your Green Bay Dental Assisting Training

Joining online career social networks is a great step in finding dental office employment opportunities. This is a convenient way to find jobs who are hiring now, as well as to be seen by recruiters. Career web sites such as Linked In and Career Builders are great, free tools. Linked In is the most widely used career network. It prompts you to create a profile and post your resume, allowing insight to your experience and what you are looking for in a career. It also allows companies to get a quick glance into who you are and if you would be a suitable candidate for the interview process. It also shows businesses what makes you stand apart from those competing for the same position. This is your chance to appeal to someone who does not know you, so make sure you are highlighting yourself as a great opportunity to be hired. This is where internships, organization participation and additional education shows you will treat the dental assistant position as a career, not just a job. You are viewed as being well rounded when you have additional experiences besides education and shows you set higher than the norm goals. Present yourself professionally and make sure to include reference of your hands on dental assisting training at WDAS.

Use these networks correctly; what you are showing on your profile is only how you look on paper. The content must be appealing to the reader for them to want to meet you in person. Show some of your personality to spark some interest, making sure it is in a professional manner.

Social Groups and NetworkingDental Assistant Careers in Wisconsin

Joining organizations is a great tool for finding dental assisting jobs. This can help to not only find the right job for you, but to also grow in the field. ADAA (American Dental Assistants Association) is a great organization offering many benefits in being an active member, including scholarships, opportunities for further education programs, tips from top professionals in the industry, insurance plans, and an overall great networking tool.

Utilize who you know in the field or speak to friends and peers about who their dentists are and why they like them. Perhaps they are hiring and you will have first-hand opinions of what people like about being in that particular dental office. After all, they are choosing those professionals as their dentist.

What Companies are looking for in a Dental Assistant

You can never prepare enough. You have worked hard through school; you shouldn’t stop now. Take the time to research the particular dental clinic you are applying for. Have they been in the news? Do they specialize in a particular dental area? The more you know about a company, the more you will feel comfortable and appear natural during an interview, as well as come across interested. This will also help you determine if this is the right fit for you. Interviews go both ways, not only are you finding a position to start your career, but you have to make sure it is the right one for you personally. Another great way to prepare for an interview is to practice with typical interview questions. Have examples of past experiences to contribute how you have and will handle different types of situations.

First impressions are crucial. Dress for success is an old term but holds true. Always dress for where you want to be, not where you are. You are choosing a career in the very professional and health orientated dental field, appearance and cleanliness are key to dressing for success. 

You’ve worked hard to become a dental assistant, don’t be afraid to express the passion you have in the career. Know your future goals and how you want to get there. Show your interviewer being a dental assistant is something you take very seriously and have a game plan of where you want to be in your future. This expresses you are a long term candidate with potential for promotion. It is also a good idea to match the persona of the interviewer. Do not imitate, but keeping a tone that expresses partnership shows you would fit in personality wise and would make a great team player. Many times people hire based on social skills over a certain degree of experience. It is easier to teach someone a job or technique rather than change who they are personally.

Dental Assisting is a very people-orientated, positive attitude career, show you have great communication skills. You must be a team player. Know examples ahead of time of specific difficult situations you have been in and express how you overcame those in a positive light. Give the interviewer an idea you understand daily routines do not always go smoothly, but you are the candidate who can overcome obstacles professionally.  Also, keep in mind the main reasons influencing why you have chosen this career and why you would be the best choice candidate for this dental office.

Don’t forget to ask questions, this shows you have an interest and care about the position, place of employment, as well as concern the job is a right fit for yourself. And finally, get hired! Stand out from other peers who are interviewing. This is your time to shine and express why you would be the perfect fit to the office.

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