Winter Session Starts Jan. 4th, 2020. Currently NO Waiting List! APPLY NOW for FREE. » Payment Options Available! 

Winter Classes Start 1/4/2020 


No Fees & Payment Options Available! Call for more information. 

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Wisconsin Dental Assistant How-To Videos

Become the Best Dental Assistant You Can Be with WDAS

Weekend Dental Assistant School prepares students for a career as dental assistants with hands-on training and lectures from industry professionals. Our instructors take great pride in instilling valuable knowledge within each of our students, helping them succeed in their career, as well as life. To expand the expertise of our students even further, WDAS is now providing How-To videos on proper dental assistant procedures. From basic instrument passing and donning of personal protective equipment to proper hand washing and biohazardous sharps disposal, you will extend your newfound skills and become a valuable asset to your dental, orthodontic, or oral surgeon’s office. So start watching the videos below already!

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