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Learn About the Dental Chair

Becoming a Wisconsin Dental Assistant and Learning to Use the Equipment 

It is the Dental Assistant who usually seats the patient into the dental chair. It is important to be familiar with the positioning of – and how to work the dental chair. The pathway to the chair is kept clear for their easy access, including the overhead light.

Dental Chairs are designed to keep the patient comfortable during a dental procedure. They are firm and supportive while a patient is sitting up or lying back. The surface and buttons can be covered with a barrier, but are still disinfected between every patient.

There are features of a dental chair that are adjustable:

  • The headrest can be adjusted or could be removed.
  • The chair is made to swing from side to side as needed for patient treatment, and has a lever that moves one way or the other to stabilize the chair from moving from side to side.
  • In this upright position, the chair is at a 90 degree angle, which is perfect for patient entry or dismissal, or when taking radiographs or impressions.
  • On this chair, the bottom button moves the chair higher or lower.
  • The middle button lowers the back of the chair. Notice the contouring of the chair for patient comfort.
  • This chair has an automatic reset button to put the chair back into its upright and lowered position. This button has to be reset in order to have the lower and middle buttons work again. Some chairs have automatic pre-set positions according to the operator preference. If your buttons aren’t working, make sure to check that the dental chair is plugged into the electrical outlet.

The Dental Chair is an expensive piece of dental equipment. It is important that the Dental Assistant takes good care of it.

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