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Proper Dental Stool Sitting Technique

It is critical that the Dental Assistant be positioned correctly in the Dental Assistant stool. This reduces fatigue, aids in visibility of the dental field, and makes it easier to access things needed in a dental procedure.

The stool itself has simple and straight forward parts. It is designed to be comfortable and provide stability and mobility while working. The covering is made to be durable and can be disinfected easily between every patient. The abdominal bar can be adjusted to be a back support or an abdominal support. There is a foot bar at the base of the stool for support of the feet.

When the Dental Assistant sits on the seat, their head is about 4 to 6 inches taller than the dentist. Adjustments can be made with the height positioning lever under the seat. This allows for improved visibility. The Dental Assistant will sit - facing the patient’s head, with their hips and thighs parallel to the patient’s shoulders and the hips and thighs are also are level to the floor.  Good posture is important for the comfort and efficiency of the Dental Assistant. Because sometimes the Dental Assistant will be in a fixed position in lengthy procedures. A mobile cart can then be positioned to hold various dental instruments and dental materials. With the dental stool is positioned correctly, the Dental Assistant is ready for the smooth and efficient teamwork with the dentist.

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