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Examination Gloves How-To for Wisconsin Dental Assistants

Learn How to Properly Put on your Examination Gloves

The particular type of glove worn in the dental practice will depend on the unique procedure the dentist is performing.
The examination gloves are the most frequently worn glove by the Dental Assistant assisting the dentist. The most common ones are nitrile, latex, or vinyl. These are often referred to as “exam gloves”. They are relatively inexpensive; they are clean, but non-sterile. A variety of sizes are available. The sizes usually vary from extra small to extra-large. They are made to fit either hand. A glove that is too large or too small could be uncomfortable or cumbersome to wear. The Dental Assistant will select the size that best fits their hands and fingers.

Gloves provide a protective barrier for the Dental Assistant. All rings and jewelry are removed before wearing gloves. Nails are trimmed. Therefore, the Dental Assistant is not apt to tear through this protective barrier. If gloves do become damaged during treatment, they are changed immediately and proper hand washing and re-gloving procedures are followed. 

Before gloving, wash hands with antibacterial soap, or use an alcohol based hand rub. The alcohol based hand rub is most effective over soap or anti-microbial hand washing. Concentrations of 60-95% are most effective. If the Dental Assistant’s hands are visibly soiled, then hands must be washed first with soap and water, followed by the alcohol-based product. 

When putting on examination gloves, pull the glove over the lab coat cuff, covering the skin on each hand. When removing gloves, tuck one inside the other, and discard. Then thoroughly wash hands or sanitize.

Gloves are an excellent way of providing a protective barrier for the Dental Assistant.

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