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Dental Assistant Face Masks

Hands-on Dental Assistant Training School

Masks are needed in dentistry to cover both the nose and mouth of the Dental Assistant. The two most common types are the dome shaped and the flat types. It is the preference of the Dental Assistant to pick the mask that is most comfortable to wear and also protective. It is important for the Dental Assistant to select the mask that fits your face well.

The mask is put on before gloving, and protects the Dental Assistant from inhaling infectious organisms spread by the aerosol spray of either the dental handpiece or the air-water syringe. It also protects against sudden and unexpected splashes. It is worn whenever splash or spatter is likely. Masks are changed between patients or even if it becomes wet during a procedure. The dome shape molds very effectively to the face and creates an air space between the Dental Assistant’s face and the mask. The flat masks can also be shaped over the nose and the loops are placed around the ears. Masks are a necessary protective barrier for the Dental Assistant during dental treatment. 

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Dental Assistant Program in Wisconsin

The teachers at Weekend Dental Assistant School are all practicing dental professionals. We don’t just want you memorize the theory of performing dental procedures – we want you to know how to apply them in a real dentist office setting. For ten weeks, you’ll come in on Saturdays and stay from 8 AM to 5 PM. During the time you spend here, our instructors will teach you the most up-to-date techniques and how to industry leading dental technology.

From using all the personal protective equipment to taking x-rays and impressions of people’s teeth, Weekend Dental Assistant School covers it all. Choosing WDAS for your education is choosing a bright path for your future.

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