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Infection Control Using Ultrasonic Cleaner

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School helps you Understand Proper Infection Control in Dentist Offices

The ultrasonic cleaner is part of the instrument processing area. It is used to loosen and remove debris from hand instruments in dentistry. With the proper protective equipment on, the Dental Assistant will carefully slide the contaminated cassette containing instruments, into the ultrasonic solution in the ultrasonic cleaner.

The timer is turned clockwise and set for 5 to 15 minutes depending on the time needed to have instruments be visibly clean. The solution in the ultrasonic, is specifically formulated for use in the ultrasonic. Some solutions will have an enzyme or antimicrobial activity. Sound waves are produced - and tiny, invisible bubbles will burst by implosion. This mechanical action along with the chemical action removes the debris. This does not disinfect instruments. Keep in mind that this is highly contaminated! The unit is covered when in use to reduce spatter or any contaminated aerosols. When the cycle is complete, the inner basket is lifted and moved to the sink for rinsing. The Dental Assistant then continues the instrument processing.

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