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Basic Instrument Passing for Dental Assistants

Appleton Dental Assistants Learn From Practicing Professionals

Basic Instrument Passing is very much a part of Dental Assisting and “4 Handed Dentistry”. 4 Handed Dentistry occurs when the Dentist and Dental Assistants’ hands are transferring instruments and materials back and forth. They are working together as a team on the patient.

The first pass often uses two hands- passing the Mirror and Explorer. Notice that the Dental Assistant passes these in the Transfer Zone. This zone is across the area of the left shoulder of the patient and under the patient’s chin. They are never passed over the face of the patient. Notice that the patient is also wearing safety glasses for protection.

When the next instrument is needed, the Dental Assistant takes, then passes another instrument to the dentist. This instrument is placed in their hand so it is ready to use and in the Proper Orientation. The working end of the instrument is given so that it faces the arch the dentist is working on. This way the dentist is ready to use the instrument.

As the Dental Assistant passes more instruments, the little finger, or little finger and ring finger, is extended to pick up the instrument, then the next instrument is transferred.

When the dentist is finished with the particular instrument or procedure, they will pass it back to you. Keep all of your instruments organized on the tray, from left to right in order of use, with the most common instruments closest to you. Instruments are generally placed in the order of use in the procedure. Place your instruments in their Proper Orientation on your tray as well.

Keep in mind that personal preferences and background of the dentist may influence these techniques with basic instrument passing.

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