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How to Use a Matrix Band

Tofflemire or Matrix Band for Dental Use

This Universal Retainer is also referred to as a Tofflemire Retainer. This is for the posterior and is the system most commonly used when creating a temporary wall for a restorative material that is being placed and the contact point of the neighboring tooth.

Parts of Tofflemire Retainer

The outer knob, when turned counterclockwise, moves the spindle pin away from the band when it’s in the holder.

The dentist would turn the inner knob to synch up the band around a tooth.

This diagonal slots receive the ends of the matrix band.

There are two slots at the end of the retainer to hold the position of the band.

These matrix bands are made of stainless steel and are either Universal or Extension size. Again, this creates the temporary wall around the tooth being restored. The Dental Assistant contours the proximal area of the band before use. A ball burnisher can be used against a paper pad. This thins the band and provides a normal curvature to fit around a tooth.

Using a Universal band, the ends are put together, it is put into the diagonal slot, guided through the first slot… and then put into the direction for the quadrant in which it will be used. Then the outer knob is tightened to hold the band securely in place. The gingival edge of the band, the smaller opening of the circle, will always be towards the gingiva.

Once used, the band goes into the biohazard sharps container, and the Tofflemire Retainer is sterilized.

Dental Assistants can prepare these ahead of time to be efficient.

Learn to Use Tofflemire Matrix Bands and Other Tools at WDAS

Tofflemire Retainers and matrix bands are just one of the many instruments our dental assisting students practice using. After 10 Saturdays of training, you’ll be an expert in a wide range of tools, skills, and techniques.

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