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Protective Eyewear for Dental Assistants

Weekend Dental Program Teaches the Importance of Eye Protection

Protective eyewear is always necessary as a Dental Assistant.

There are two types of protective eyewear: glasses with the protective side shields and clear face shields. If there is laser treatment being performed, the Dental Assistant will wear special filtered-lens glasses for eye protection.

Proper safety glasses have front and side protection. If you happen to wear prescription eye glasses, you must add the side and bottom shields, or wear safety glasses that fit over your prescription glasses. If you have contact lenses, you must still wear eye protection. 

A chin-length face shield can be worn in addition to a mask and glasses.

Eye protection will not only shield the Dental Assistant from spatter and caustic chemicals, but also from pathogens and flying debris. If protective eyewear is not worn, there could be irreversible damage to the eyes.

Dental eyewear is cleaned with soap and water, or if visibly dirty, cleaned and then disinfected between patients.

As a Dental Assistant, your eyes are important….so protect them!

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Convenient Dental Assistant Courses Exclusively on Weekends

Weekend Dental Assistant School is a convenient option for people who work or have other high priority obligations in their lives – looking to begin a new career.

The course, in its entirety, is completed in only 10 weeks – and runs on Saturday only. Each class is one 8-hour session divided into two sessions. One session is traditional academic lecture teaching, while the other is clinical lab experience.

At Weekend Dental Assistant School, we believe in hands-on learning. Our school is located inside an actual, real-life dental practice, because we believe the best way to learn is through doing the real thing. Your clinical curriculum will consist of practicing on real-world patients who need professional dental care. We prepare you for work in the industry, whereas traditional schooling teaches you the material without hands-on experience. Our graduates are immediately ready for the workforce—no internship needed.

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