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Michigan Area Pediatric Dental Assistant School

Become a Dental Assistant in Just 10 Weeks

If you live in Michigan and are interested in becoming a dental assistant, Weekend Dental Assistant School is your leading choice. With our short term training program, you can become a dental assistant in just under 10 weeks. For more information on our training program, read about our hands-on curriculum here and review successful student job testimonials now.

Pediatric Dental Assistant Demand

Pediatric Dental Assistant Michigan

The need for dental assistants in the U.S. is expected to grow faster than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics with a growth rate predicted to be approximately 25 percent by 2022. With a heavy focus on treating children and helping prevent future dental problems pediatric dentists are also in demand.

Many adults are uncomfortable with dental visits and may even avoid important dental work because of their fear. Many times this phobia often begins at childhood leaving each visit to the dentist a stressful experience. Although they may not understand the importance of dental examinations and procedures, a caring pediatric dental assistant is essential to helping young patients stay calm and comfortable during their visit — instilling a lifelong appreciation and comfort for dentistry. 

A Love for Children

A pediatric dental assistant requires the same education as a dental assistant who works with adults. This professional follows the same course of study, but after certification, he or she begins work with a dentist that specializes in pediatrics and, sometimes, adults with special needs. As you'd expect, a prospective dental assistant who wants to work in dentistry for children needs to have a love for kids and a basic understanding of their development. This will help them to guide kids of all ages through a seemingly scary experience in their lives.

Responsibilities of a Pediatric Dental Assistant 

Dental assistants are responsible for performing X-rays along with helping the dentist with procedures like root canals and fillings, taking impressions of teeth and teaching proper oral hygiene strategies to patients. While pediatric dental assistants perform these tasks on a daily basis, making the children feel comfortable is extremely important. Teaching little ones how to brush and floss should be done in a way they can understand and perform on their own. Children should also be informed of poor dental hygiene behaviors like sleeping with a bottle, eating and drinking foods with excessive sugar like fruit juices and candy.

Dental assisting is a very versatile career with many advancement opportunities and fortunately  training can be affordable and completed in just 10 weeks when you train at Weekend Dental Assistant School. Manage life and school when you attend Weekend Dental Assistant School.  Located in Appleton, Wisconsin we are conveniently just a short drive for nearby Michigan cities. To learn more about our training program, check out our hands-on class curriculum now.

If becoming a pediatric dental assistant interests you, contact Weekend Dental Assistant School of Wisconsin today for more information or apply online for free now.