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Green Bay Dental Assistant Graduate Roots Herself into New Career

Another Green Bay WDAS Student Finds Success

Though our Green Bay dental assistant training course is only 10 weeks long, it is strategically designed to cover materials making our students qualified job candidates for dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and more. With concise lecture from working dental professionals and weekly hands-on clinical labs, every WDAS student graduates with the proper knowledge to excel in a dental assistant career. The valuable knowledge instilled in each of our students surprises potential employees and makes them an asset to any dentist’s office. Resume overviews, interview prep, and genuine encouragement from our instructors make our students comfortable and ready for anything an interview throws their way. Choose Weekend Dental Assistant School today and join the ranks of our successful job placements.

"I had an interview at the office in Manitowoc that you sent us info about last week! I think it went really well! The whole interview was done with just the doctor! I thought it went really well and I am looking forward to hearing back!

Thank you for all your help! I am so thankful for everything I have learned! There are not enough positive words I could say about WDAS, and I hope to always be part of what you guys do! Too bad you don't offer a hygiene program, I would already be signed up!” – Kaycee M from Green Bay, WI


"I got hired the day after my interview at the Family Dental Center in Manitowoc! I LOVE IT. I work with Dr. Ronald Egan full time. He goes to the hospital once a month and brings two assistants along. I am working on getting certified through the hospital and will start going next month! He is also very passionate about continuing education which was really important for me to find! I assisted on my first "real" patient today and it was a great experience!

Again I am so thankful for all the effort you and Sam put into my education. I wouldn't be where I am today without you both! Don't be surprised to get a phone call here and there just so I can fill you in on all the exciting new things I learn!  - Best, Kaycee M”

Putting her WDAS education to use, Kaycee has landed a job she loves that provides the education advancements she was looking for. Make your career dreams come true to by enrolling in our Green Bay dental assistant training program today. You will be just 10 Saturdays away from starting a reliable career as a dental assistant in Wisconsin.

Contact our dental assistant training school near Green Bay to learn more about our 10 week dental assistant education and how it can help you land the career of your dreams.
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