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Administration Requirements

Weekend Dental Assistant School welcomes anyone with the desire to learn dental assisting. We enjoy helping you prepare for your career, and any motivated, driven individual is encouraged to apply. As long as you are a high school graduate or a high school senior with adequate grades, pay your full tuition, purchase the required textbooks and want to learn dental assisting, you’re in!

Weekend Dental Assistant School Requirements
  1. Willingness and enthusiasm to learn the art of dental assisting

  2. High school diploma or GED*

  3. Completed Application

*Ages 16 and above that are in high school may take our course on the condition they have an overall GPA of 3.0 (B) or above  

Other Application Information
  1. No Prerequisites

  2. Admissions are conducted throughout the year; Accepted candidates will receive a letter of acceptance to the program

  3. Deadline to apply is the day the ten week cycle begins, based on availability 

  4. New classes start three times per year. See our course calendar for the start date of the next class

  5. Paid tuition reserves your spot in the class—Tuition is payable to Weekend Dental Assistant School

WDAS holds a 100% satisfaction rate.

Contact Weekend Dental Assistant School today and start building your career right now!

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