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Spring session starts April 3rd, 2021. Reserve Your Spot Today and APPLY Online for FREE. Currently NO Waiting List & Payment Options Available.  

Spring Classes Start 4/3/2021 


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Green Bay Graduate’s Goals Reassured by Weekend Course

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School’s Staff Creates an Engaging & Supportive Classroom

Review of Green Bay Dental Assistant Instructors"I liked that this class had "hands-on" learning, as well as textbook learning and how we learned background information while we performed the topic in clinical. Janet was very helpful and informative. She was also very friendly and fun to be around. Sam was very knowledgeable and helpful if I had any questions. Leah was very helpful and friendly when we were learning how to suction. Sara was very friendly and helpful when learning about instrument passing. She also gave great tips about working in an ortho office. Jen was very informative and helpful during clinical. Sarah was very knowledgeable and helpful when we were practicing BWX and PAX X-rays in clinical. I feel the class has fully prepared me for a job as a chairside dental assistant. I now know for sure that I want a career in dentistry thanks to the helpful instructors."

-Mackenzie from Green Bay, WI

Proud supporter of the American Dental Assistants Association, WDAS (Weekend Dental Assistant School) offers a 10-Saturday training opportunity giving its students the knowledge and information needed to have successful careers as dental assistants. The classroom environment is ruled by the idea that the best way to learn is to participate. Dental charting, handling instruments required for restorative dental work, setting up needles and syringes, and mock interviews are all included as portions of the coursework. Classes are taught in a real dental office, and a strict dress code of what is appropriate for the dental industry is enforced. This weekend dental assistant course is designed to prepare you for your career by giving you the chance to adjust to it before you start.

After 10 Saturdays spent in the dental program, Mackenzie from Green Bay has found reassurance in her goals to develop a career in dentistry. Enrollment is an easy three step process! If you’re already a DA and want to learn more, we also offer an advanced dental X-ray course and a CPR certification course. Our opportunities are always available and are easy to take advantage of because of our weekend schedule! 

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