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Spring session starts April 3rd, 2021. Reserve Your Spot Today and APPLY Online for FREE. Currently NO Waiting List & Payment Options Available.  

Spring Classes Start 4/3/2021 


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Michigan Area Dental Assistant Student Finds Our Short 10 Week Program Suitable for Her Lifestyle

"Upon high school graduation I knew for certain I wanted to work within the dental field. I had planned to go to a community college for a year and then go off to a university to finish schooling. However, I wasn't a big fan of how far away from home I'd have to go. Therefore, I ended up switching it up and was just going to go to a university closer to home for radiography. I went 

one year at a community college getting some of my pre recs out of the way. I hated college... just wasn't for me.

I had remembered hearing about Weekend Dental Assistant School and told myself maybe I should get back into dental and do that.

It's a short term school compared to most colleges so that was a huge thing for me. I am very glad I ended up sticking to my original plan and going with dentistry. Janet and her staff are great! With this pandemic going on they do a good job of keeping every

thing clean and everyone safe. You get to do a lot of hands on learning here, which I find great and easier for me to learn that way. If you ever have questions or are unsure of something you can always ask and they make sure to help and that you know what you’re doing and if you understand it."

-Kaitlyn from Michigan

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