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Graduate from Dental Assistant School in 10 Short Weeks

Dental Assistant Course Completion Certificates

Weekend Dental Assistant School isn’t just any dental assistant school.  We go above and beyond to help our students succeed by offering a comprehensive dental assistant program which concludes with a graduation ceremony. Weekend Dental Assistant School is one of the only dental assistant programs whcih offers a graduation ceremony. At the end of our 10 week program, students and their closest supporters gather at WDAS to receive certificates of course completion and celebrate in a big way.

Celebrating Committed Dental Assistant Students 

Friends and family are invited to celebrate students and their accomplishment as they graduate from dental assistant school. During the ceremony, certificates and commencements are given followed by an award for the top three students. Our graduation ceremony allows students, classmates, family and friends to come together to recognize accomplishments before and after the graduation ceremony. Time is spent celebrating, taking pictures and making memories. You can check out previous graduation ceremonies at Weekend Dental Assistant School or like us on Facebook to see how fun and rewarding our program is. 

What To Know Before You Graduate from Dental Assistant School

Does Wisconsin Require a Dental Assistants to Be Certified? 

State regulations vary on certification. Some states require dental assistants to be certified and others do not have any formal educational requirements. While Wisconsin does not require Dental Assistants to be certified, the right training can help your career in more ways than one.

Having proper training from trusted professionals in the dentistry industry is often a factor in incentive salary raises. Apart from adding to your education, qualification and skillset, dental assistant training from WDAS earns you a higher level of recognition. A Wisconsin dental assistant school certificate of completion shows employers you’re willing to go above and beyond what’s required to becoming a dental assistant. Your hard work to learn and train as a dental assistant is an invaluable asset to employers. When applying for a job, trained dental assistants exude more confidence, pride and knowledge. Additionally, trained dental assistants tend to demonstrate career satisfaction with a lower job turnover rate.

Getting Certified

If becoming a certified dental assistant is of interest, graduates can attain their certification through the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB), as either a National Entry Level Dental Assistant (NELDA) or Certified Dental Assistant (CDA). The first step to your DANB certification is to submit an application and pay the fee. Once your application has been accepted, you have a 60 day window to schedule and take the required exams. Whether you choose to become NELDA or CDA certified, both are great options for an excellent step in your career.

A certification oftentimes allows dental assistants to perform more advanced duties, and according to the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) full-time DANB-certified dental assistants can earn more per hour than non-certified dental assistants and often receive other employment benefits.

Job Placement Success as a Trained Dental Assistant

Again, Weekend Dental Assistant School goes above and beyond to help students succeed. During our 10 week course students are not only trained on the roles and responsibilities of a dental assistant, they are taught how to write a resume, learn successful interviewing techniques and absorb what skills are needed to be a model employee. Weekend Dental Assistant School also works with dental assistant job recruiters throughout Wisconsin and eagerly provide recruiters with graduate information on a regular basis. Our network has helped students make connections, learn about job openings in the area, and land job interviews.

Motivated students have a higher chance of receiving a job offer after graduation. Many of our students have even accepted offers before their 10 week course completion.  Nothing is more rewarding to WDAS than knowing our students have become successfully employed. Learn more about individual student success stories and watch our student’s job placement testimonials.

If you are considering dental assistant school, Weekend Dental Assistant School is recognized for being Wisconsin’s top dental assistant school. Browse our website to learn about our course curriculum, tuition costs and class requirements. And when you’re ready, apply online for free in only a matter of minutes! Hurry, our courses fill up fast. 

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