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Winter session starts January 8th, 2022. Reserve Your Spot Today and APPLY Online for FREE. Currently NO Waiting List & Payment Options Available.  

Winter Classes Start 1/8/2022


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Weekend Dental Assistant School vs Technical College Programs

Becoming a dental assistant is a highly rewarding and exciting career path. Investing in your future by starting a new career can be incredibly difficult for adults working full time. Weekend Dental Assistant School understands your busy schedule, which is why our unique program can be completed in just 10 Saturdays. You can continue to work full time to pay your bills and support a family, while studying and getting real hands-on experience in the rewarding field of dentistry. This commitment to our students sets WDAS apart from surrounding area technical schools, which require a huge time commitment and incredibly high tuition costs. 

Weekend Dental Assistant School Vs. Technical College Dental Assistant Programs

  1. No application fee
  2. No waiting list
  3. Course completion in just 10 short weeks
  4. Saturday morning classes available
  5. Lower tuition
  6. Smaller Class sizes
  7. Hands-On Training with real dental equipment 

Wisconsin Technical College Dental Assistant Program Comparison Chart

Madison Area Technical College MATC Northeast Wisconsin Technical College WCTC

Dental Assistant Job Demand on the Rise: Meet it With a Qualified Education

Dental Instruments at Wisconsin Dental Assistant SchoolDental assistants are in high demand, and this growth is not expected to slow down anytime soon. The Wisconsin Employment Projection Report predicted approximately 240 dental assistant jobs will be added to our community every year. Dentists are constantly seeking well qualified individuals to join their team. Weekend Dental Assistant School is here to help you acquire the skillset and knowledge which will make you a highly sought after candidate.

Many of our students are returning to school after a hiatus. Don’t let the idea of going back to school intimidate you. At WDAS, our classes are designed to be accessible to everyone. We understand our students have other obligations and commitments which cannot be compromised. However, providing for your family shouldn’t prevent you from beginning a new career path to better your life. We structured our dental assistant course curriculum to accommodate busy schedules. In just 10 consecutive Saturdays, which run from 8a.m. to 5p.m, you gain the knowledge and experience needed to begin a new career. Once you enroll, you can expect each class to be broken into two halves. The first half is based around a lecture, with the second half reserved for clinical lab time. Our students will get hands on experience in both the labs and lecture, while getting real-world advice and tips from instructors who have extensive experience working in the dental field.

Gaining a Career Faster and For Less

Weekend Dental Assistant School is approved by the State of Wisconsin Education Approval Board. We offer three courses each year, as well as convenient financing options to help you pay for the education you deserve. Once your application is approved, an orientation is available for you to get acquainted with the facilities and staff. Our small class size allows our instructors to personally attend to every student. Unlike the classes offered at technical colleges around the state, we only require that you have the knowledge necessary to excel as a dental assistant. There are no special requirements such as having a science background or CPR training (although we do offer CPR classes). All of our graduates report a 100% satisfaction rate with our course.

We are confident you’ll find success at Weekend Dental Assistant School. When you compare us to technical programs like Green Bay area technical college offers, WDAS is the clear winner for busy, working adults. In addition to our small class sizes and real world hands on experience, our course is half as expensive and only requires 10 Saturdays. There are no application fees or searching for old transcripts required, and WDAS has a 95% graduation rate, compared to a 60% rate from a technical college. Check out our side-by-side comparison to technical colleges to compare for yourself.

Don’t wait, begin an inspiring new career with WDAS today. 

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Contact our Wisconsin dental assisting school professionals at 920-730-1112 to learn more about our 10 Saturday course and why you should choose WDAS over other technical colleges.