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Dental Assistant Class Structure

Each Saturday of this 80 hour course is split in half. Half of the day is dedicated to classroom lecture and the other half is dedicated to clinical lab experience.

Lecture Portion 

Dental Assisting Program Classroom WisconsinThe classroom portion is intended to provide you with the knowledge and information you need to know before diving into the clinical portion of the dental assistant training course.

There is a required reading assignment for each student to complete before coming to class each Saturday. We will encourage participation while we cover the reading information and material in the lecture portion of class. The instructors offer a lot of “real life” examples and explanations, helping students to understand the concepts of what you are learning. There will be a quiz on the lecture the following week after the information is covered. The quizzes, midterm and final exam will take place at the beginning of the classroom portion of each dental assistant course lecture.

We are firm believers in hands-on training. You will experience valuable hands-on participation even in the academic lecture course time. This will include things like dental charting, handling the instruments for restorative dental work, setting up the needle and syringe, mock interviews and more. We believe the best way to learn something is by doing it.

Clinical Portion 

Wisconsin's Most Hands-On Dental Assistant SchoolThe clinical portion of our program is taught in a real dentist office, making you confident and comfortable in the environment you will soon be spending your work days.

Through the hands-on clinical portion of our dental assistant training course, you have the opportunity to apply all of your newly acquired knowledge from the lectures, putting your skills to the test in a real dental environment. This portion of the course is where you learn to properly handle dental equipment and apply the appropriate sterilization techniques. Our Wisconsin dental assistant program will help you get comfortable with your surroundings and the equipment found in every dentist office.

During the clinical portion of your training, we expect students to wear the appropriate clothing for the dental industry. Our dental assistant class orientation will inform you of where you can find the clothing and equipment required or you can browse our Dental Assistant School Supplies section of our website for shoe, uniform, study material, safety goggles and even the best dental assistant gift recommendations.  


Supplies: Notebook, Writing Utensils, Pocket Folder, Textbooks, At least one dental assistant uniform of ceil blue lab jacket and scrubs, a comfortable pair of white or black tennis shoes or nursing shoes.

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Job Placement Assistance 

On top of hands-on training, we also provide dental assistant students with job placement assistance which includes holding mock interviews with our students. These interviews cover every aspect from book work to properly presenting yourself during interviews and meetings. You will leave our 10 week dental assistant course with the highest level of confidence and knowledge to make your transition into a working career as smooth as possible, as well as an impressive resume.

Check out dental assistant school reviews and job placement success stories from our students to discover more reasons why WDAS is the best dental assistant school in Wisconsin! 

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