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Wisconsin Dental Assistant Program Curriculum

Dental Assistant Education WisconsinIn this 10 week dental assistant program you will learn all of the ins and outs of dental assisting. Between the lecture portion and the clinical lab portion of class you will gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience, preparing you for your new career path.

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The clinical section of the curriculum is completely hands-on in a professional yet fun environment. All students are required to adhere to the standard dental clinic dress code each day of class: ceil blue lab jacket and scrub pants and white or black tennis shoes. You should carry yourself in a professional, respectful manner and come prepared to learn new things while experiencing fun, engaging and valuable dental assistant hands-on training.

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Become a Dental Assistant in Just 10 Saturdays

Our Saturday-only classes allow you to continue working or going to school during the week. In this dental assistant program for 10 weeks, your training will include a broad range of chair side techniques, clinical skills, and knowledge of many other essential ideas, including:

Chair Side Dental Assistant Training:

Clinical Dental Assistant Training:

Every student receives an equal opportunity and participates in hands-on dental assistant training. Half of your overall final grade is based on your clinical evaluations. You’ll receive a lot of one on one instruction and personalized attention with only approximately 6 students per clinical instructor.

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Preventive Dentistry

Preventative dentistry includes daily dental hygiene and regular cleanings to keep the teeth, gums, and mouth as healthy as possible.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Ethics and Law of Dentistry

Learn the legal and ethical requirements for dental assistants in the ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Conduct (also called the ADA Code).

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Anatomy and Physiology

Understand the different parts of the teeth and gums, along with the biology of the mouth.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is the diagnosis and treatment or management of diseases of the teeth, gums, jaw, and other structures. Restoration includes periodontics, endodontics, and removable prosthodontics.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School


Orthodontia corrects crooked teeth or uneven bites. As a dental assistant, you could work in an orthodontist office.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School


Periodontists prevent, diagnose, and treat periodontal diseases (diseases of the gums and other supporting structures of the teeth). As a dental assistant, you could work under a periodontist.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Oral Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery treats a variety of diseases, defects, and injuries in the mouth, jaws, head, neck, and face. As a dental assistant, you could work under an oral or maxillofacial surgeon.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Prosthetic Dentistry

Fixed and removable dental prosthetics replace or reconstruct missing teeth, parts of teeth, or parts of the jaw and palate.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School


Endodontics is the study and treatment of dental pulp and may include root canal therapy and treatments for cracked teeth or other dental trauma. As a dental assistant, you could work with an endodontist.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Interview Process and Resume

Learn the best way to present your knowledge and skills to potential employers to make sure you’re the best candidate for the job.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Medical Emergencies

While medical emergencies are not extremely common in a dental office, they do happen. Make sure you’re one of the people who knows what to do.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Pain and Anxiety Control

Some patients (both children and adults) may be in pain due to a condition or may be fearful of visits to the dentist office. Learn techniques to help them relax and ease their discomfort.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School


Pediatric dentistry includes treatment for infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Infection control

Learn the proper procedures to prevent infections.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

OSHA and HIPAA regulations

Understand the importance of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Dental Materials

Know what each tool and material is for and how to use it correctly.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Dental Charting

Learn to read and complete dental charts. This includes a description of the health of the patient’s teeth and gums, any areas of decay, cavities, missing teeth, abnormalities, damage, prosthetics, movement in teeth, or gum bleeding.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Handpieces and burs

Understand how and why handpieces and burs are used to cut through dental hard tissues.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School


Learn the basics of dental radiology, including bitewing, periapical, full mouth series, and panoramic x-rays. To get a more in-depth education, take our advanced dental x-ray course.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Infection control with instrument processing and sterilization

Understand how to properly process and sterilize all instruments and equipment to prevent infections.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Needle and syringe set up and handling

Learn to safely set up, handle, and dispose of needles and syringes.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Correct instrument passing

While it may sound simple enough, proper instrument passing is essential to ensure safety and efficiency in four-handed dentistry.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Suctioning and tissue retraction

Learn safe and effective suction and tissue retraction techniques.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Treatment room disinfection

Keep not only the instruments but also all other equipment and surfaces in the treatment room disinfected.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School


Dental impressions are imprints of the teeth and soft tissues in the mouth, which are used as a mold to make a model of a patient's teeth.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

Stone/plaster pour-up and model trimming

After taking an impression, plaster or another hard material is poured into the mold and the model trimmed.

Wisconsin Dental Assistant School

10 Week Dental Assistant Program Puts You on the Path to a Successful Career

Become a Dental Assistant in 10 Saturdays WisconsinWeekend Dental Assistant School in Appleton, WI, is one of the best dental assisting schools in the state. Our instructors love sharing their knowledge and experience in the dental industry to give you every advantage to get a job.

WDAS graduates are usually hired within a few months of completing the course—some are even hired before graduation! Our students come from all over Wisconsin, including Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha, Neenah, Fond du Lac, De Pere, New London, and more! Apply online today to join our next 10-week session.

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