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Wisconsin's Dental Assistant Career Information

If you are an intelligent, driven individual who enjoys interaction with people and job variety, dental assisting Wisconsin is great career for you. Dental assisting is a rewarding experience and a rapidly growing career path—U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics offers a detailed look at the job outlook for dental assistants, projecting a 25% increase in employment for dental assistants from 2012 to 2022. As a dental assistant, you’ll work hands-on with new, different experiences every day. Weekend Dental Assistant School prepares you for a fulfilling, hands-on career as a dental assistant in the Wisconsin area!

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What are the Perks to Dental Assisting?

Rewarding Career

Wisconsin Dental Assistant Training Program

As a dental assistant, you get a rewarding job where you interact with people and help people every day. You are the contact between clients and the dentist, and you work in the office side of the dental practice as well as with patients. 

Wisconsin dental assistant schooling gives you the training and knowledge needed to show potential employers you are a dedicated, invested individual. Additionally, dental assistant training showcases your knowledge and experience as a dental assistant. Our dental assistant courses take just 10 Saturdays to complete. You’ll be in an environment full of other driven dental assistant candidates and dedicated dental assistant instructors. Our curriculum provides you with plenty of one-on-one interaction, ensuring you walk away from the experience with a course completion certificate and real, valuable knowledge.

Convenient 10 Week Program

Unlike other technical programs in the medical field, Weekend Dental Assistant School is only 10 weeks long. Receive a highly rewarding career with excellent compensation in less than a semester’s worth of time.

Flexible Schedules

Dental offices are typically only open Monday through Friday leaving you with holidays, weekends and nights off. This is an ideal schedule for working parents whom enjoy spending time with their family.

Endless Opportunities within the Field

Many students find that becoming a dental assistant is a great way to get started in their professional medical career. While many enjoy being a dental assistant, others find it as a stepping stone toward higher positions like a dental hygienist, office manager or even a dentist.  Dental assistants are also introduced to a wide realm of networking and potential advancement opportunities down the road. 

What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

A dental assistant is a dentist’s main sidekick. As a dental assistant, you will perform a number of tasks to help with your patient’s complete visit. Dental assistant duties typically include the following tasks, though tasks vary depending upon office preferences:

  • Prepare patients for treatment
  • Assist the dentist in patient treatment to keep patients as comfortable as possible throughout their dental visit
  • Take dental radiographs (x-rays)
  • Take Impressions and do lab work
  • Obtain current dental records and update records
  • Set up and organize instruments
  • Pass instruments to dentist in proper orientation
  • Keep dentists operating field clear
  • Patient education and instructions as directed by the dentist
  • Disinfection and sterilization procedures
  • Equipment care and maintenance

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Each patient you and your dentist see will present a unique experience with unique dental requirements. You will experience the joy of helping individuals achieve better dental health, and you will be able to learn new things and experience new challenges every day! 

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