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A Day at WDAS

Your 80 hour course is split in half.  Half of the day is dedicated to the classroom lecture and the other half is dedicated to clinical lab experience.

Lecture Portion

The classroom portion is intended to provide you with the knowledge and information you need to know before diving into the clinical portion of the dental assistant training course.  You will have required reading assignments each week.  We encourage participation while we cover the reading information and material. You will also have quizzes along with a midterm and final.  We are firm believers in hands-on training. You will experience valuable hands-on participation even in the academic lecture course time.  This will include things like dental charting, handling the instruments for restorative dental work, setting up need and syringe, mock interviews and more.  The best way of learning is by doing it. 

Clinical Portion

The clinical portion of our program is taught in a dentist office, making you feel confident and comfortable that you will be spending your work days in.  Through the hands-on clinical portion of our dental assistant training course, you have the opportunity to apply all of your newly acquired knowledge from the lectures.   You will handle dental equipment and apply the appropriate sterilization techniques that you have learned and will put your skills to the test!

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